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The Party committee of the company organizes educational activities that do not forget the original intention




Release time:2020-10-05 14:09


On the afternoon of October 5, in order to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China was hot across the country, and on the occasion of the great development performance of the motherland, the company's Party committee organized 53 party members to carry out the "Journey of the original heart" of the "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission" theme education activities. Go to the historical propaganda and education base of the Anti-Japanese War history at the landing point of the Japanese invaders in Baishawan, the Party branch of the Corner Bay, the Bairenpit site and the Party Service center of Dushangang Town around the company to understand the crimes of the Japanese invasion of China, accept the patriotic education that does not forget the national humiliation, and walk on the red footprints of the local party organizations that can start a prairie fire and relive the struggle miles of the local party organizations under the white terror.

In the first stop of this educational activity, all party members who participated in the activity came to the whole public Pavilion "Pinghu City Anti-Japanese War Historical Memory Museum" education base, listened to the history of the 918 and 77 Lugou Bridge incident, through a precious historical photo, a historical object, a group of anti-Japanese historical evidence, so that everyone was shocked. Truly understand the crimes caused by the Japanese invasion of Pinghu and the suffering caused to the people of Pinghu. During the visit, some party members also shared with you the oral facts of the elderly who personally witnessed the atrocities of the Japanese army landing and invading China in their families, so that everyone knew more about the atrocities of the Japanese Army invading China, and more substantiated this historical fact basis.

In the corner Bay Party Branch historical memorial site, a low brick house came into view, here was born Pinghu County's first party organization - Corner Bay Party Branch. In the exhibition room, a historical object and a historical black and white photo witnessed the heroic deeds of revolutionary ancestors such as Li Yinger, Yan Shushen, Zhu Yifan, leaders of local party organizations of the Communist Party of Pinghu, and deeply felt that the ancestors listened to the call of the Party, were loyal to the Party, had the courage to take responsibility, and did not hesitate to lay down their heads for the victory of the revolution, the heroic feeling of shedding blood, and the revolutionary fearless spirit of selfless dedication.

In front of the Bairen Pit site of Maziqiao in Dushan Port Town, all Party members listened to the tragic case of 136 local innocent people brutally killed by the Japanese army, and were all moved, deeply felt the brutal behavior of the Japanese army, and also realized the truth that backward people should be beaten, and further felt that the revolutionary ancestors, in order to open up the red hot land and pursue national liberation and independence, The heroic spirit of not afraid of sacrifice and willing to shed blood has further inspired everyone's enthusiasm for work based on their own jobs, playing the role of party members, and jointly serving the development of enterprises.

In the Dushan Port Town Party service center, visited a "red memory corridor", learned the party branch work system, understood the deeds of pioneer party members, and watched the "Sunrise East" film, further feel the revolutionary martyrs loyal to the party, strict discipline, dedication to the people, go through fire and water.

The "do not forget the original heart" education activities organized by the company's Party committee, through visiting the revolutionary education base in Dushan Port town, reviewing the red history, remembering the revolutionary martyrs, giving everyone a real vivid and profound party lesson, so that the majority of party members once again accepted the baptism and influence of revolutionary tradition and patriotism education, all Party members will carry forward the great spirit of revolutionary martyrs, Firm ideals and beliefs, practice in the work of the courage to endure hardships, willing to contribute, based on the position, strive to be an example of action, with more full enthusiasm into the work, in the service company to build science and technology innovative enterprises to play its due role.



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