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Good for Good for Long Time | Chenguang Cable Won Top 50 of "2023 Top 100 Most Competitive Enterprises in China's Cable Industry"

On September 3, the 2023 China Wire and Cable Industry Conference was held in Shanghai. The theme of this conference is "strong chain, seeking the development of intelligence", bringing together all the big players, focusing on the present and seeking the future together! At the meeting, the results of the evaluation of the most competitive enterprises in China's wire and cable industry in 2023 were released. With its steady operation over the years, Chenguang Cable was awarded the 38th place of "the most competitive enterprise in China's wire and cable industry in 2023.


Party building to lead the new journey to sail again

On the afternoon of August 18, accompanied by the magnificent "national Anthem" sound, the CPC Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. committee election conference was held on the third floor of the Heyuan Conference, and 54 party members from five subordinate branches participated in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Jin Jinyuan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the company.


President Chen Genlin came to the company to "send cool and refreshing"

In the scorching summer, on the afternoon of August 11, President Chen Genlin of Jiaxing Municipal Association for the Promotion of Enterprises for the Centralized Employment of the Disabled and his entourage came to Chenguang Cable to carry out a "cool" condolences activity and sent condolences to representatives of the company's welfare employees. Yang Youliang, vice president of the company's financial operation center and chairman of the trade union, Zhu Wenqing, head of the management operation center, and Jin Zhigang, chief of the human resources department, warmly received the company.


目标就是命令 签约就是责任




7月4日下午,在全国上下庆祝建党99周年期间,晨光电缆党委组织50多名党员召开庆祝建党99周年大会,公司党委书记朱水良发布了2020年18个党员领办攻关项目,对公司党组织的 “一个目标,九个带头,八项承诺,四个理念” 党建体系内容作了解读。会议期间,公司党委还组织全体党员参观了坐落于平湖市新埭镇泖口的陆稼书家族祠堂。会议由公司党委副书记金志刚主持。