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Chenguang Cable Party Committee participated in Zhejiang and Shanghai party building knowledge competition




Release time:2020-11-05 14:40


 On the afternoon of October 22, the theme education knowledge competition "Never forget the original heart, strengthen the Party spirit, Forge ahead and promote" jointly organized by Jinshanwei Town and Dushan Port Town was held in the community Cultural Activity Center of Jinshanwei Town. Dushan Port town Party Committee deputy secretary Ke Yue, Jinshanwei town Party Committee deputy secretary Zhang Fengping and other leaders of the two towns attended the meeting, Pinghu Municipal Party Committee Organization Department two new party construction section chief Gu Jianfeng, Jinshan District Party Committee Organization Department two new education liaison section chief Jiang Xiaoling attended the meeting to guide, the company Party committee sent party members to participate in the competition.

The "two new" party organizations sent a total of 6 teams to participate in the competition, and Morning light Cable participated in the competition as a representative team of Dushan Port Town. The competition has set up a total of five links: answer questions, you fight for me, story sharing, I ask you to answer, and pursuit. In the question must be answered, you fight for me to rob the link, morning light cable team to maintain the lead; In the story sharing session, Ma Chunyan, a contestant from the Sales Management Division, shared the story of Han Qifang, the company's dedicated pioneer, which infected the audience. In the question and answer and the pursuit of victory, the teams have performed well. After the intense and exciting competition, the team of Chenguang Cable won the second prize with 160.7 points, and Chen Yan, a contestant from the Sales Management Division, won the best talent award.

Through this competition, the members of the two new Party organizations further solid study and grasp the relevant knowledge of party building, listened to the original heart of the outstanding party members around the story, but also inspired the party members to fight for advanced, than style, than performance, first-class internal motivation, and better play an example and demonstration leading role.




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