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The Party committee of the company launched the key project activities led by party members




Release time:2019-06-18 15:14


On the morning of June 18, the party members led the launching ceremony of the key project and the promotion meeting of the two new Party building work in Dushan Port Town was successfully held in Chenguang Cable. Dushan Port Town two new Party organization secretary, village community organization, Chenguang cable Party Committee all party members attended the meeting; Town Party Committee deputy secretary, two new working committee secretary Ke Yue, town deputy township level assistant, two new organization full-time party building work instructor Miao Chinong, Pinghu Municipal Party Committee organization Department two new section chief Gu Jianfeng and other leaders attended the meeting. Dushan Port Town Party Committee member, deputy secretary of the two new working committee Zhu Yaling presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Miao Zhinong deployed the two new Party members' leadership projects, requiring each of the two new party organizations to carry out party members' leadership projects through four aspects, including project collection, project leadership, project leadership, and project evaluation, so as to play the role of the party organization's fighting fortress and the vanguard role of party members.

Zhu Shuiliang, secretary of the Party Committee of the company, introduced the specific practices and phased results of the Party members' leading projects, read out the list of 12 Party members' leading projects in 2019, and asked the members of the project team to go all out, go forward, with rock-solid confidence and tenacity, step by step, and make unremitting efforts toward the project's key indicators and goals. Subsequently, the company's Party Committee launched the 2019 Party member leadership project ceremony, 12 research project leaders respectively came on stage to receive research projects, and Han Qifang made a statement on behalf of the project team.

Finally, Ke Yue, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Dushan Port Town and secretary of the two new Working committees, made a speech and put forward four requirements for the two new party building work in the next stage: First, improve the political position and take political construction as the first strategy of party building work; The second is to improve the quality of party building and take organizational combat effectiveness as an important starting point of party building work; The third is to improve the party building in the whole area, and take "three whole and one whole" as an important platform for party building work; The fourth is to improve the joint efforts of party building, and to build a new pattern as an important measure of party building.






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