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Company wins "Institutional Donation Award"




Release time:2023-07-29 00:00


In order to further create a charitable atmosphere in the whole society and encourage more loving enterprises and individuals to participate in charity, Pinghu Charity Federation decided to commend the advanced units and individuals in charity work in 2022 according to the actual development of charity work in the city in 2022, the recommendations of each branch and the donation of money and materials. Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. won the award of "Institutional Donation Award" for charity work in 2022.


Over the years, while developing itself, Chenguang Cable has been committed to practicing social responsibility with practical actions, making full use of the company's various resource advantages and cooperating with local government departments to actively play a charitable role in various fields. Including providing jobs for welfare personnel, providing donations to local welfare undertakings, donating to Pinghu Education Public Welfare Foundation, helping epidemic prevention and control, pairing to help poor students, and sending "cool" activities in summer, etc., contributing to the social development of the enterprise.


Adhering to the concept of "maximizing social responsibility", the company establishes a high sense of social responsibility, takes the initiative to play a social charity role, and plays its due role in various charitable undertakings. The company has won the Zhejiang Charity Award, Jiaxing Charity Award (Collective), Jiaxing most socially responsible enterprise, Pinghu Charity Award Enterprise Donation Award, charity caring enterprise and other honors, chairman and general manager Zhu Shuiliang was named the most socially responsible entrepreneur in Jiaxing City.


Charity is a noble cause that offers love, warms people's hearts and benefits people's lives. Next, Chenguang Cable will continue to actively participate in supporting charitable causes, adhere to being a responsible, caring, warm caring enterprise, use practical actions to repay the society, serve the society, and contribute more to the charity of Pinghu.


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