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The company won the digital transformation benchmark enterprise




Release time:2023-05-11 16:47


In the afternoon of May 10th, the 2023 Pinghu City Manufacturing Industry "two transformations" transformation promotion meeting organized by Pinghu Economic and Information Bureau was successfully held in the third floor lecture hall of the future industrial community of Pinghu Zhichuang Park. Yang Jinping, Vice Mayor of Pinghu City, relevant leaders of Pinghu Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, persons in charge of towns and streets, persons in charge of Economic Development Office, Feng Gaoxi, Chief of Company Management Section, representatives of relevant manufacturing enterprises, relevant information technology service providers, etc., totaling about 100 people attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Shen Hong, Director of Pinghu City Economic and Information Bureau.


All the participants watched the video of the typical application scenarios of the digitalization of the top ten industries in Pinghu City, and the results of the digital transformation of Chenguang Cable were featured in the video film. Shen Hong, director of the 2022 Pinghu City, "two" transformation of the promotion of the overall briefing on the digitalization of Chenguang Cable and Pinghu Petrochemical green transformation and other enterprises were commended. The meeting of the top ten digital transformation of Pinghu City and the top ten green transformation enterprises were commended, Chenguang Cable as "Pinghu City digitalization benchmarking enterprises" was recognized.


According to the agenda of the meeting, Feng Gaoxi shared his experience and exchanged views on the company's informatization development history in recent years, the results of the fusion of two standards, the specific methods and paths of digital transformation, and the actual results achieved by digital transformation.


In 2016, the company put the fusion of the two kinds of engineering for the first time included in the company's 13th Five-Year Development Strategic Plan, in 2017, according to the fusion of the two kinds of implementation plan, the company launched the MES project, all on-line operation in 2019, the same year through the State Grid Corporation on-site acceptance, to achieve the link with the State Grid Corporation electrician platform, in the forefront of the industry enterprises. 2020, the company launched the " Intelligent Interconnection Intelligent Chenguang" project, to build the "three centers and one platform" as the characteristics of the provincial-level enterprise-level industrial Internet project, and in 2021 to organize the implementation of the centralized control center project, on-line operation in the same year; 2021 to 2022, the company's digital platform and access to the State Grid Corporation EIP Cloud Supervision and construction system, to achieve full integration into the State Grid Corporation Internet of Things platform.


In the past five years, through the implementation of digital construction, to achieve offline management business to online management business relocation, the company's comprehensive management efficiency and economic benefits have increased substantially, business management processes have been solidified and standardized, to achieve the pace of information technology construction with the State Grid Corporation in tune with the improvement of user satisfaction, enterprise visibility and its value, the annual product winning bidding volume has risen steadily. After the digital transformation in recent years, its achievements have been affirmed and praised by the government, users and social parties, etc. The company has been awarded the provincial enterprise-level industrial Internet creation unit, the provincial pilot demonstration enterprise for the integrated development of manufacturing and the Internet, the advanced unit of digital transformation in Jiaxing City, and the excellent enterprise of digital economy in Pinghu City.


In 2023, the company will continue to push forward the construction of "Wisdom Chenguang, Intelligent Interconnection Project", apply SAP to upgrade ERP2.0, promote the integration of industry and finance, establish enterprise-level intelligent management platform, multi-system synergy, transition to lean production mode, build a more transparent, efficient and intelligent management mode, and play a role in the deep integration of digitalization and industrialization. higher value of the deep integration of digitalization and industrialization.


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