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Chenguang Cable Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Construction Project of Mineral Insulated Cable with an Annual Production Capacity of 5,250 Kilometers




Release time:2023-05-09 15:25


May 7 morning, Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. annual output of 5,250 kilometers of mineral-insulated cable construction project groundbreaking ceremony was held in the company, Pinghu City People's Government, vice mayor Yang Jinping and the relevant municipal departments responsible for the Dushan Harbor Economic Development Zone, leaders Zhuang Zhihao, Wu Wei, Jin Lindi, Gu Jiongjie, Chenguang Cable Company leaders Zhu Shueliang, Ling Zhonggen, Wang Huiliang, Zhu Weiyi, Wang Wei, Yue Zhenguo, etc. attended the ceremony. The groundbreaking ceremony.


At the ceremony site, Mr. Zhu delivered a speech, saying that the mineral insulated cable project, as the first fund-raising project of the company listed on the stock market, is a major initiative for the company to realize the transformation and upgrading to a science and technology enterprise, and it is a new milestone in the development process of Chenguang Cable. Over the past three years, the company has actively cooperated with Xi'an Jiaotong University and other domestic universities and institutes to lead the development of 1kV power fireproof cable with completely independent intellectual property rights, the successful development of this product to fill the gaps in the world, is the company following the high-voltage, ultra-high-voltage smooth aluminum sheathed power cables after the company's another major scientific and technological innovation. The project is completed and put into production, can achieve an annual output of 5250 kilometers of mineral insulated cables, including 4000 kilometers of rigid mineral insulated cables, 450 kilometers of continuous extruded mineral insulated cables with aluminum jackets, 450 kilometers of mineral insulated corrugated copper sheathed cables with mica strips, 350 kilometers of mineral composite insulated flexible fireproof cables, which can be widely used in the public places with relatively confined space, dense personnel and frequent flow. At the same time, he also said that the company will be sure to high standards, high quality to build the project well, to the government and society to deliver a satisfactory answer.


One stone paves the way for a thousand years of work, and ten thousand people forge the work of a hundred generations. Cultivation ceremony site, thunderous applause, the salute sounded, attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the leaders and guests of the shovel shovel sand, soil cultivation, marking the mineral insulated cable project officially set sail!


A good time to build up a great business, the Peng Cheng Miles more brilliant. In the future, the mineral insulated cable project will further promote the enterprise's "smart" innovation. With the in-depth development of the company's intelligent interconnection project, the company will further strengthen the application of digitalization to realize the intelligent research and development, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent marketing of mineral insulated cable products, the whole chain of the whole process management. The company will deepen the construction of workshop-level industrial interconnection MES system, to create intelligent workshop, to further realize the intelligent production equipment, production management informationization, product quality digitization, and strive to make the mineral insulated cable project into an intelligent manufacturing demonstration workshop, benchmark factory.


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