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Song Yuanyuan was honored to be selected as "Dagang Craftsman".




Release time:2023-04-28 13:22


On the afternoon of April 25, in order to vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor and the spirit of craftsmanship, and fully promote the high-quality economic and social development of Dushan Harbor, the courage to chase the "big port dream" "100 billion dream" goal. The town of Dushan Harbor grandly held the "Four Dare to Strive for the First - Craftsmanship Leads the Way" to celebrate the "May Day" International Labor Day Conference. Song Yuanyuan, the raw material inspection supervisor of the company's technical operation center, was honored to be selected as "Dagang Craftsman" after layers of identification, recommendation and selection.


At the meeting, Dushan Harbor Economic Development Zone, Secretary of the Party and Work Committee of the town party secretary Zhuang Zhihao to the model workers, advanced individuals and collective representatives to express congratulations to the majority of workers in the town to extend festive greetings and high esteem, he said, the town's majority of workers and friends to further unify their thinking, firm confidence, and invigorate their spirit, with perseverance and indomitable energy and drive, and comprehensively sing the "four dare to strive for excellence - Dagang Craftsman". "Four dare to compete for the first - craftsmanship navigation" the main theme, and strive to create the Dushan Harbor economic and social undertakings to flourish, riding the wave of a new situation.


Craftsmanship to the party, labor to build a dream, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that: "to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship in society as a whole, and inspire the majority of young people to take the road of skills to become a success, skills to serve the country." From the company inspector to Dagang craftsmen, Chenguang cable technical operations center raw material inspection supervisor Song Yuanyuan has a deep understanding of this. Chenguang cable work in the 14 years, she is dedicated, conscientious, actively practicing the "spirit of craftsmanship", with women's tenacity and persistence to bloom their own women's style, has won the "Zhejiang Young Craftsmen", "Pinghu City, three-star beauty", "the beautiful and beautiful", "the beautiful and beautiful", "the beautiful and beautiful", "the beautiful and the beautiful", "the beautiful and the beautiful", "the beautiful and the beautiful", "the beautiful and the beautiful". "Pinghu City, three-star beautiful workers", the national wire and cable manufacturing (inspector) skills appraisal level of junior, intermediate and senior worker certificate, the national wire and cable manufacturing technician certificate, Zhejiang credible management system certification internal auditor certificate and other honors.


"The worker is called fine, thousands of carving, the heart of the bearer and not folded; craftsman of its transported to God, a creation of a make, think of new as the spring river." As a 90-year-old, Song Yuan Yuan heart persistence, fine "art" and refinement, with ideals and the pursuit of the pen, with hard work and enterprise as the ink, writing their own life scroll, in the morning glory cable high-quality development of the road, she continued to forge ahead, and move forward.


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