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Hunan Engineering College visited Chenguang Cable for investigation and research.




Release time:2023-04-25 10:16


In the afternoon of April 22nd, President Xu Yunbao of Hunan University of Engineering Management College and Director Zhu Chunhui of Marketing Teaching and Research Department came to Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co. President and General Manager Zhu Shueliang, Director of Management and Operation Center Zhu Wenqing, Chief Engineer Yue Zhenguo, Vice President of Marketing and Operation Center Lu Guojie, Vice President of Marketing in Northeast China Zhou Jun, and Personnel Director Song Chunchun warmly received President Xu and his entourage. Alumni of Hunan Engineering College, General Manager of Jiahua Energy Qian Wangchao, General Manager of Jiaxing Sanjun Ribbon Co.


At the exchange site, President Xu introduced the requirements of the central government and Hunan Province to deepen the education reform and the overview of Hunan Engineering College and the setting of disciplines and specialties, and expressed the idea of dedicating to the development of science and education, strengthening the integration of industry and education, and jointly cultivating multi-specialty and multi-talented compound engineers.


Zhu Shuliang expressed his warm welcome to President Xu and his party, and the two sides made specific discussions, communications and exchanges on school-enterprise cooperation in cultivating talents, hoping to work together to deepen school-enterprise cooperation, cultivate all kinds of talents with a high sense of responsibility and practical ability, and commit themselves to the revitalization of the country's industry, and in view of the needs of the company's high-quality development, hoping that the school will convey more high-quality talents for the enterprise, and the company will strengthen its cooperation with Hunan Engineering Institute to further deepen the integration of industry and education. The company should strengthen its cooperation with Hunan Engineering Institute to further deepen the integration of production and education, and comprehensively improve the quality of human resources in the company.


During the investigation, President Xu and his entourage, accompanied by Yue Zhenguo, Zhou Jun and other leaders, visited the production site of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage cross-linked cables in the first branch plant, and introduced in detail to President Xu and his entourage the production control and management of the company's cables.



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