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Chenguang Cable Awards Scholarships to Outstanding Students of Pinghu Institute of Technology




Release time:2023-04-20 13:15


In the afternoon of April 19th, in order to further promote the school-enterprise cooperation to cultivate talents, commend outstanding students, set up learning advanced models, and create a positive learning atmosphere, the 2022 Chenguang Cable Scholarship Awarding Ceremony was held in Dexin Building of Pinghu Institute of Technology. Jin Jinyuan, vice president of the company's technical operation center, Shen Jianlin, vice president of Pinghu Institute of Technology, Jin Yongcun, director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Pinghu Institute of Technology, and Mao Yafeng, director of the Department of Electrical Engineering of Pinghu Institute of Technology, participated in the scholarship awarding ceremony, and the relevant school personnel in charge, the commended students, and the Sino-German mold and electrical classes of a total of more than 100 students participated in the awarding activities, which was presided over by Yan Zhenyao.


At the ceremony site, students carefully watched the Chenguang Cable enterprise propaganda film, so that students more intuitive understanding of the development of enterprises, business scope, working environment and other corporate information as a whole. Subsequently, Shen Jianlin read out the list of winners of the 2022 Chenguang Scholarship, which was awarded to students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering, a total of 20 student representatives.


In the awarding session, Jin Jinyuan issued certificates for the outstanding students who won the Chenguang Cable Scholarship and sent his heartfelt message. He said, Pinghu Institute of Technology as "the cradle of training technicians, realize the dream of home", over the years for the community to cultivate and transport a large number of skilled personnel. Nowadays, the state attaches great importance to the training of skilled personnel, in order to achieve high-quality development, without the solid support of highly skilled personnel. Chenguang Cable, as a skill training base, has always insisted on skill training as one of the important contents of enterprise development, and talent as the first resource of enterprise development, the company now has 8 senior technicians and 12 technicians. At the same time, Mr. Jin vividly shared with the students the growth story of Han Qifang, who is the head of technical supervision section and senior technician of the company, from "wire-drawer" to "master craftsman" to "National People's Congress representative". From "wire drawer" to "master craftsman" and then to "deputy to the National People's Congress", Han Qifang was down-to-earth, started from the grassroots step by step, and gradually became a high-level skilled personnel. We hope that students will learn from the strength of the example, study hard and be practical, learn a skill, and constantly upgrade their skills, and strive to become a high level of skilled personnel.


Skills change life, learning to achieve the future. The awarding of the Morning Glory Scholarship for outstanding students is not only a material reward for outstanding students, but also an incentive and encouragement to students, through this form, to encourage students in the road of skills to achieve excellence, to forge ahead, the pursuit of excellence, to move forward in the struggle, to grow in the sharpening, and to realize the dream of youth in the unremitting struggle.


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