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"Chenguang Cable in action to brighten up Hangzhou Asian Games




Release time:2023-04-17 08:43


Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Tennis Center, Hangzhou Gymnasium, Qiantang Roller Skating Center ...... are not lacking in the figure of the cable. Among them, the "big Lotus" Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, "small Lotus" Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Tennis Center and other Asian Games venues, became the embodiment of "green, intelligent, thrifty, civilized". The important scene of the concept of hosting the Games, while the cable has assumed the "blood transfusion system" of the heavy responsibility for the Asian Games power supply escort.


Accompanied by the roar of the machine, a finished cable finished the whole process of the production line, was neatly wrapped around the wheel on the storage, waiting to be out of the warehouse ...... into the Chenguang cable workshop located in Pinghu City, Jiaxing City, Dushan Harbor Town, only to see the high-speed operation of the production equipment, the workers are working intensely in an orderly manner to carry out the production work, a busy scene.


This time, Chenguang Cable supplied the power cables for the 20kV power relocation project (Phase I) of the Metro Line 6 Olympic Station (Binjiang District) of Hangzhou Metro Group Limited Liability Company, with a total length of more than 1,300 meters, to provide electric power protection for the various construction works of the Asian Games.


"Considering the environment of the Asian Games, this supply is rated voltage 15kV cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable, which has excellent thermo-mechanical properties, excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance, as well as simple structure, light weight, laying without limitations, etc., which can effectively guarantee the supply of power to the Asian Games venues. " Chenguang cable management section chief Feng Gaoxi said.


It is understood that Chenguang Cable has also been the cable supplier for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2022 Winter Olympics. Chenguang Cable was present in 23 of the 33 competition venues, including the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube at the Beijing Olympics, as well as the National Alpine Skiing Center at the Winter Olympics.


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