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Township Committee on Workers' Concerns organizes an event at the company




Release time:2023-04-08 14:08


April 7, Pinghu City, Dushanggang Town, the Committee held in Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. Dushanggang Town, the Committee's five old preaching team lecturer appointment ceremony, in which the 14th National People's Congress Han Qifang, the national concern for the next generation of the most beautiful five Yao Aiying, Jiaxing City, national defense education advanced individual Zhu Fenong and other seven people were appointed to become the Dushanggang Town, the Committee's preaching team lecturer.


Before the appointment ceremony, in the National People's Congress, the company's technical supervision section chief Han Qifang, led by the five old preaching team visited a branch plant of high-voltage, ultra-high-voltage crosslinked cable production site, Han Qifang introduced the high-voltage ultra-high-voltage smooth composite aluminum sheath crosslinked cable new research and development, and the series of products of the market and the production process technology was introduced, so that we have close contact with the understanding of cable Product production process.


Appointment ceremony site, Han Qifang to participate in the National People's Congress of the duty experience, vivid and specific to share the participation in the meeting during the see, hear, feel, do, a detailed introduction to the system of people's congresses, people's congresses, arrangements, people's congresses, how to perform their duties and the meeting of the relevant content, and conveyed the general secretary Xi Jinping in the meeting during the important speeches of the spirit of the meeting, delivered the 14th National People's Congress meeting "good voice".


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