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Company to meet the State Grid EIP access site acceptance



Release time:2023-04-08 14:06


From April 6 to 7, the acceptance team of State Grid Corporation (SGCC) made a special trip to Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. to carry out on-site assessment and acceptance of the access project of State Grid Electric Equipment Intelligent Internet of Things (EIP) platform for low-voltage and distribution network conductor line category. Zhu Wenqing, head of the management and operation center, Wang Mingzhen, vice president of the manufacturing and operation center, Yuan Hong, head of the information technology section, and factory managers and other relevant departmental leaders accompanied the acceptance.


At the meeting, Yuan Hong made a brief introduction to the digital construction work of cable process design software, cable intelligent inspection system, factory digital twin system, Chenguang intelligent marketing system, and made arrangements for the meeting agenda. In the acceptance process, the State Grid acceptance group in strict accordance with the program requirements, through the document review, talk to understand and information center, production line site field view, etc., a comprehensive and detailed acceptance of the calibration of production equipment, video equipment, network equipment, test equipment, order business management implementation, on-site data collection, etc., and careful review of access to the supplier data of the electrotechnical equipment intelligent IOT platform, to ensure that the supplier Interconnection access effect.


In recent years, State Grid actively implements the decision-making deployment of the central government to cultivate new kinetic energy in the field of modern supply chain, deepens the construction of Internet of Things in electric power, creates a modern intelligent supply chain, and adheres to the concept of "openness, sharing, cooperation, and win-win situation", and initiates the development of the Electrical Equipment Intelligent Internet of Things Platform (EIPIP). The construction of EIP platform is based on Internet and IoT technology. The platform construction is based on the Internet and Internet of Things technology, realizing the interconnection and information sharing among power grid enterprises, electrical equipment manufacturers, and third-party service organizations, creating a "transparent factory", leading the upgrading of the electrical equipment industry, promoting the innovative development of the industry, and enhancing the level of intelligent manufacturing in the electrical equipment industry.


Science and technology empowers development, intelligence wins the future, Chenguang Cable actively responded to the call of the State Grid, applying to join the construction of the EIP platform. 2022, the company aimed at the new track of the digital economy, vigorously implement the intelligent transformation, and actively explore new paths of transformation and development, and through the digital empowerment, the company has successfully built a real-time interconnected, efficient and collaborative "intelligent manufacturing" system, to promote the company's digital transformation and upgrading, and to promote the digital transformation and upgrading. system, promote the company's digital transformation and upgrading, enabling high-quality development of enterprises, and continuously improve the quality of the State Grid EIP transmission data, low-voltage cables successfully access acceptance. Since the application to join the EIP platform, our company has actively docked with the State Grid expert group, carefully analyzed and studied the technical requirements, upgraded and transformed the company's internal MES system, ERP system, important production equipment, testing equipment, and video monitoring system strictly in accordance with the requirements of the State Grid; through the joint efforts of the company's colleagues, we have completed the upgrading of various aspects, such as the business data, production/experimentation data, monitoring and control camera system, and the supplier data collection center. Through the joint efforts of our colleagues, we have completed the upgrading of business data, production/test data, monitoring camera system, supplier data collection center and other aspects of the upgrading and transformation, and successfully accessed the State Grid system and passed the acceptance of the acceptance group, and become a supplier of the cable project that has passed the acceptance.


After two days of scientific and comprehensive evaluation, the State Grid acceptance team considered that Chenguang Cable's work meets the requirements of the State Grid, marking the successful completion of Chenguang Cable's acceptance of the State Grid's Electrical Equipment Intelligent Internet of Things (EIP) platform access. This will further promote Chenguang Cable management level, quality level and core competitiveness of the overall improvement, in the future, Chenguang Cable will increase efforts from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing transformation pace, and strive to contribute to the intelligent transformation of the cable industry Chenguang program.


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