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The company held 220kV, 330kV composite smooth aluminum jacket cable product identification meeting




Release time:2023-03-30 13:32


On the morning of March 26th, in the season of spring, Chenguang Cable "220kV, 330kV Crosslinked Polyethylene Insulated Composite Smooth Aluminum Sheathed Power Cables" product identification meeting organized by CLP was successfully held in St. Leger Hotel in Pinghu City. Academician Chen Weijiang of State Grid Corporation and Academician Qiu Aiqi of Xi'an Jiaotong University attended the meeting, and 39 domestic famous experts from State Grid, South Grid and other units came to the meeting. Zhu Shueliang, Chairman and General Manager of Chenguang Cable, Yue Zhenguo, Chief Engineer and Vice President of R&D Center, Jin Jinyuan, Vice President of Technical Operation Center, Han Qifang, 14th National People's Congress Representative and Head of Technical Supervision Section, and Qian Zhaohui, Head of Technical Section, and other leaders of the company attended the meeting.



This is another new product appraisal of the company after the first domestic research and development of 110kV cross-linked polyethylene insulated composite smooth aluminum jacket power cable new product appraisal in 2019, marking the company's R&D in ultra-high voltage composite smooth aluminum jacket power cable products has stepped up to a new level.


Before the meeting, accompanied by Zhu Shueliang, Yue Zhenguo, Han Qifang and other leaders of the company, all the appraisal experts visited the production site of high-voltage ultra-high-voltage crosslinked cables in a branch plant, the field inspection of the composite smooth aluminum cable production, Zhu Shueliang, Yue Zhenguo, Han Qifang and other leaders of the company were to the members of the expert group introduced in detail to the high-voltage ultra-high-voltage composite smooth aluminum crosslinked cables, such as the production of new production control and management, etc., and at the same time, the composite smooth aluminum power cables. At the same time on the composite smooth aluminum jacket power cable series of products market technology promotion and sales performance report.


Appraisal, Hong Yan read out the CLP on the "220kV cross-linked polyethylene insulated composite smooth aluminum power cable" and other projects to apply for product (technology) identification of the letter, and 220kV cable for product identification, 330kV cable for product technology identification made the explanation.


Pinghu Municipal Standing Committee, Organization Minister Cui Xiaosheng to the speech. On behalf of the Municipal Government of Pinghu City warmly congratulate the product identification will be held, while the city of Pinghu City profile, the city to promote the "integration" of high-quality development, talent work and other characteristics of development initiatives were introduced. He said: in recent years, Pinghu City, talent work in the priority development position, and constantly stimulate the talent and enterprise innovation and entrepreneurial vitality, has emerged such as Chenguang Cable listed high-quality enterprises, drawing the city and talent mutual achievement, complement each other's picture of the times. Chenguang Cable as Pinghu City, nearly 40 years of deep-rooted wire and cable localization of traditional enterprises, Zhejiang Province, invisible champions, long-term commitment to talent cultivation, fostered a number of national people's Congress, Zhejiang craftsmen Han Qifang and other outstanding high-quality talent for the city's industrial upgrading to provide a good model of talent support. Over the years, Pinghu City, strongly support the introduction of key technical personnel, the introduction of high-level talent for enterprises to give subsidies to cultivate the formation of a number of development zones, and take the lead in creating the Pinghu Talent Service Home model, the establishment of talent bases at home and abroad. The success of the work of the talent, the industry by the talent wide. We hope to strengthen cooperation with experts and professors in talent cultivation in the future, and work together to promote win-win development. At the same time, we hope that Chenguang Cable will stick to its original intention, develop and innovate, increase investment in scientific research, and promote the enterprise to a higher quality development road.


Then, Zhu Shueliang, on behalf of Chenguang Cable, delivered a welcome speech, expressing his sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks to Academician Chen Weijiang, Academician Qiu Aici, leaders and experts who attended the appraisal meeting. At the same time, he made a brief introduction on the company's development overview and new product development. He said: in 2019, Chenguang Cable was the first in the industry to successfully develop a new 110kV composite smooth aluminum jacketed cable, which filled the gaps in the country and reached the international leading level. In line with the mission of doing our duty to the enterprise, fulfilling our duty to the users, and being responsible for the society, and with the strong support of Qiu's team of academicians and experts, in the past three years, the company has continued to focus on the serialized research and development of ultra-high-voltage composite smooth aluminum-jacketed power cable products, and developed a series of composite smooth seamless aluminum-jacketed power cable products with a more high-tech level of 220 kV, 330 kV, and 500 kV, and has made efforts in the areas of product design, method innovation, production The company carries out systematic innovation in product design, method innovation, production equipment serialization, material improvement, comparative analysis of technical indexes, etc., which demonstrates the collaborative innovation R&D mode, embodies the characteristics and achievements of product R&D, and achieves a number of scientific and technological R&D results. The successful development and market application of the composite smooth seamless aluminum sheath series products further ignited the innovation engine of the R&D team, and also effectively stimulated and drove the development of new vitality of industry enterprises. In the future, Chenguang Cable will continue to improve the new product R & D capabilities, and jointly improve the quality of new products, in order to build a new high ground for product innovation and hard work!


Hong Yan of China Electricity Council announced the composition of the appraisal committee, the appraisal committee director, deputy director list. Academician Chen Weijiang participated in the product appraisal meeting of Chenguang Cable's 220kV and 330kV cross-linked polyethylene insulated composite smooth aluminum sheathed power cables by online connection. Commissioned by Academician Chen Weijiang, the specific appraisal process was presided over by Academician Qiu Aiqi, and the agenda of the meeting was divided into four parts: First, Chenguang Cable made a development report, technical and economic analysis report, test and inspection report, etc.; Second, experts questioned, and the development unit defended; Third, the Appraisal Committee discussed, deliberated, and formed the appraisal opinion; Fourth, the Appraisal Committee members signed the appraisal opinion, and the director announced the appraisal opinion.


At the meeting, Han Qifang product development and development process, the main technical performance indicators, unique highlights of innovation, system reports and engineering applications, comparison with similar products at home and abroad, the main problems to the appraisal of the experts made a presentation, focusing on a detailed introduction to the 220kV and 330kV composite smooth aluminum cable technology research and development, production and application. At the same time, he implored the leaders and experts to give more valuable advice and suggestions, the company will take this appraisal as an opportunity to further enhance the company's scientific research and management level, increase the company's scientific and technological achievements into the strength of the implementation of new technologies and new products.


Listen to the summary report of the development, after the appraisal data review, a number of experts were from the product quality, installation and laying, test projects and data, etc., put forward a number of valuable suggestions and comments, Yue Zhenguo for the experts to raise questions for a detailed answer. Appraisal of the discussion process by the China Electric Power Research Institute Zhao Health presided over.


After the prudent appraisal by the expert group, the Technical Appraisal Committee made the appraisal conclusion, and Gao Keli, a professor-level senior engineer of China Electric Power Research Institute, read out the appraisal conclusion on behalf of the Product Technical Appraisal Committee. From the appraisal conclusion, the two new products researched and developed by Chenguang Cable were highly recognized by the experts present.


Finally, Zhu Shuliang expressed his heartfelt thanks to the experts for their valuable opinions and suggestions through the identification of the two products, and said: the success of the product identification is not only a high degree of recognition of the company's R & D work, but also the company's adherence to the years of industry-university-research exchanges and cooperation, and is an incentive for the future of the company's R & D work. After the meeting, the company will seriously sort out the opinions and suggestions put forward by the leaders, study and take optimization measures to further optimize the quality of products, and continue to maintain the leading position of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage composite smooth aluminum sheathed cross-linked power cables in the industry.



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