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Chenguang Cable was awarded the title of "2022 Jiaxing City Manufacturing Digital Transformation Demonstration Enterprise".




Release time:2023-03-18 13:12


In the afternoon of March 17, in order to further promote Jiaxing City, "two" transformation work, and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, Jiaxing City, manufacturing industry, "two" transformation work to promote the work of the multi-functional hall of the Municipal Administrative Center held a grand meeting, Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of the mayor, Li Jun, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Li Jun, deputy secretary of Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Jiaxing, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting commended the 20 digital and 20 green transformation demonstration enterprises in 2022, and Chenguang Cable was awarded the 2022 digital transformation demonstration enterprise, and Feng Gaoxi of the company's management and operation center attended the meeting and received a medal. The meeting was hosted by Ni Huping, vice mayor of Jiaxing City.


The report of the 20th Party Congress pointed out that it is necessary to promote the high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry, pointing out the way forward for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Technology empowers development and intelligence wins the future. Over the years, the company aims at the new track of the digital economy, vigorously implement intelligent transformation, actively explore new paths of transformation and development, and successfully build a real-time interconnected, efficient and collaborative "intelligent manufacturing" system through digital empowerment, which greatly promotes the company's digital transformation and upgrading, and empowers the enterprise to achieve high-quality development.


Since 2018, the company has invested in the implementation of MES, OA, provincial enterprise-level industrial Internet, intelligent interconnection wisdom morning glory and other construction projects in accordance with the development of the fusion of the two, in 2019, the MES system in the industry's first batch of access to the State Grid Electrician Internet of Things platform, in 2022, linked to the State Grid "EIP" cloud monitoring system, "Cloud Supervision and Manufacturing System", "Cloud Supervision and Manufacturing System", and "Smart Manufacturing". In 2022, it will be linked to the State Grid "EIP" cloud monitoring system, realizing the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise from the traditional management to the new management mode of networking, intelligence and digitalization, and the company has obtained the provincial enterprise-level industrial Internet creation unit, the provincial pilot unit of the fusion of the manufacturing industry and the Internet, and the provincial model unit of the transformation of the production and manufacturing mode, and has achieved fruitful digitalization construction results.


From 2022 to 2023, in order to help the enterprise digital innovation, comprehensively empower Chenguang intelligent manufacturing, and improve the "intelligent Chenguang, intelligent interconnection" construction map, the company and SAP, HAND, and industrial enterprises to open the ERP2.0 cooperation project. The Chenguang project team gathered wisdom from all parties, worked together to draw a top-level design blueprint, and worked hard to create the Chenguang Industrial Internet core data platform, in order to achieve the goal of "intelligent manufacturing, lean operation, digital management" of the smart Chenguang to lay a solid foundation.


This award is not only the government's affirmation of the company's digital work, but also for the company to accelerate the digital transformation of the company to add confidence and momentum, Chenguang Cable will carry out the spirit of the meeting, in response to the call of the national digital construction, Jiaxing manufacturing industry, "two" transformation initiatives, ploughing into the manufacturing industry, digital transformation and upgrading, and continue to deepen the intelligent manufacturing, Green manufacturing upgrading and transformation, for Jiaxing City to promote the construction of intellectual innovation city, comprehensively accelerate the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry to contribute to the power of Chenguang.


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