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Learning the spirit of the "two sessions" to convey the "two sessions" voice - National People's Congress Han Qifang workshop party class




Release time:2023-03-16 14:35


The afternoon of March 14, organized by the company's "Study the 'two sessions' spirit Transmit the 'two sessions' voice - National People's Congress representative Han Qifang workshop party class "was held in Chenguang Cable Six Branch Factory. National People's Congress, the company's technical supervision section chief Han Qifang for the front-line industrial workers to bring a unique, lively and vivid workshop party class.


As a new NPC deputy, Han Qifang with responsibility and mission, full of energy to return to work, the first time to the company's workers to share their own participation in the meeting during the meeting and learning experience, eager to exchange the participation in the meeting.


Party class site, Han was warmly welcomed by the workers. With his own personal experience and personal feelings, he publicized the spirit of the "two sessions" to the staff, conveyed the voice of the "two sessions", and united and inspired them to excel and move forward courageously on the new journey.


Listening to Premier Li Keqiang's report on the work of the government surging heart, to participate in the discussion of the delegation of Zhejiang, the excitement of the speech, the solemnity of the voting election ...... in the story of the Han workers, these emotions are reproduced one by one, the sound of the rumbling machines in the workshop and the warmth of the atmosphere of the scene of the propaganda, but also the presence of the enterprise workers deeply infected. The enterprise workers present were also deeply infected. As a grass-roots people's congress, he in the "two sessions" to fulfill their duties during the often remember the words: people's congress representatives from the people, rooted in the people, serving the people, and always pursuing the "people elected me as a representative, when I am a representative of the people," the concept.


The atmosphere of the scene was warm, and Mr. Han's pronouncement lingered in everyone's mind for a long time and inspired everyone. Han said that he will continue to play a good role in the future as a bridge and link, as a good demonstrator and propagandist, to pass the "good voice" of the two sessions, based on the post to grasp the implementation, and vigorously carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, handing out the voice of the people, and offer good advice to promote the development of the company.


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