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School-enterprise cooperation dual-drive win-win situation--Jiaxing City Transportation School held the signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation and the opening ceremony of the order class.




Release time:2023-03-16 14:33


In order to deepen the integration of industry and education, innovative talent training mode, broaden the students' internship and employment channels, March 14, Jiaxing City Traffic School and Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Company Limited, (Collar Nest) Zhejiang Information Technology Company Limited and other six enterprises cooperation signing agreement and the "order class" opening ceremony was held successfully, Jiaxing City Traffic School, Secretary of the Party branch, President Wu Xiaobin, Zhu Wenqing, Director of Management Operation Center, (Collar Nest) Zhejiang Information Technology Co. Wu Xiaobin, Party Secretary and Principal of Jiaxing Traffic School, Zhu Wenqing, Director of Management and Operation Center of Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Company Limited, Wang Dong, General Manager of Zhejiang Information Technology Company Limited, Feng Yi, Chairman of Hangzhou Myshijie Automobile Service Company Limited, Wu Kangli, General Manager of Pinghu Jiaheng Advertising and Media Company Limited, Huang Hui, General Manager of Jiaxing Zuichunyuan Foodstuffs Co. Maintenance, live e-commerce professional order class teachers and students attended the signing ceremony. The event was presided over by Vice President Zhang Xueming.


At the signing ceremony, President Wu Xiaobin firstly delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the school, pointing out that school-enterprise cooperation is a "win-win" mode of cooperation between schools and enterprises to adapt to the needs of society and the market, which is the correct direction for deepening the reform of vocational education and a fundamental measure for the development of vocational education. We hope to take this ceremony to carry out in-depth cooperation with the contracted enterprises in the fields of talent cultivation and high-quality employment of graduates, to build a community of destiny between schools and enterprises, to realize the complementary advantages of the two sides, and to further enhance the school's ability to serve the local economic and social development and the level of the school.


Subsequently, under the common witness of the participants, President Wu Xiaobin completed the signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation on behalf of the school and Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co.


School-enterprise cooperation is an important way to realize the win-win situation for students, schools and enterprises, and is a solid support for the sustainable development of vocational education. The signing of this school-enterprise cooperation provides a solid platform for Jiaxing Transportation School and enterprises to expand communication and strengthen cooperation, and also signifies a new starting point for school-enterprise cooperation, co-cultivation of craftsmen, and a new chapter of vocational education.


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