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The company was awarded the title of Zhejiang Province Hidden Champion Enterprise




Release time:2023-02-21 09:05


Recently, Chenguang Cable, by virtue of the advantages of product innovation, service innovation and technological innovation in niche markets, together with 63 other enterprises, was selected as one of the "invisible champions" in Zhejiang Province in 2022, as one of the manufacturing bases of wires and cables in Zhejiang Province, the company has added another hard-core honor in the new year.



"Hidden Champion" refers to the enterprise's long-term focus and deep plowing in a sub-sector of product development and production, with significant competitive advantages and innovation, enterprise market share in the province or the first domestic and even international forefront of the market segment. The conditions for the identification of exceptionally stringent, in addition to the main business income, sales profitability of the average annual increase in high requirements, but also requires that the technical level of niche products must reach the leading level of similar products in the country, and has the core of independent intellectual property rights.


Technological innovation, leading the development of enterprises, the company relies on seamless smooth aluminum sheathed cable new product development to master the industry's right to speak, the core competitiveness of the cable industry to lead the future. Since then, the company has been focusing on the cultivation of science and technology-oriented enterprises, the establishment of provincial enterprise research institute, provincial technology center, provincial postdoctoral workstation, national model academician expert workstation, national skill master studio, with a high quality science and technology and engineering team. With Shanghai Cable Research Institute, Wuhan High Voltage Institute, State Grid Electricity Research Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and other scientific research institutions to carry out scientific research cooperation, every year a number of new products through the provincial and ministerial level appraisal, with the National Torch Plan project 2, the National Invention Patent 22 and a number of provincial and municipal level scientific and technological achievements.


This time, Chenguang Cable is recognized as "Hidden Champion", which is an affirmation of Chenguang Cable's innovative achievements in the industry. Under the leadership of Chairman Zhu Shueliang, the company has been focusing on the manufacture and production of wires and cables for 39 years. With continuous innovation in technology development, product technology, manufacturing and other multi-dimensional, the company has been in a high position of advantage in the product market segments.


For Chenguang Cable, "Invisible Champion" is not only an honor, but also an incentive and encouragement. Especially in the face of the world's unprecedented changes, Chenguang Cable knows that there is no eternal champion, only unremitting efforts. The company will take this opportunity to summarize the innovative development experience from the development strategy, management system, product service, technology research and development and other dimensions, and strive to be better and stronger, to drive the upstream and downstream enterprises to grow together, in order to improve the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, in response to the country's high-quality development to contribute to their own strength.



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