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Release time:2023-02-08 16:17


In the afternoon of February 6, Chenguang Cable 2023 annual marketing work conference was held in the company and the third floor conference room of the Far Eastern Conference, marketing operations center vice president Lu Guojie made a "forge ahead bravely and resolutely forward to achieve the company's marketing high-quality development and work hard to strive for" 2023 annual marketing work report. Chairman and general manager Zhu Shueliang signed the 2023 annual team marketing target responsibility letter with the vice president of the overseas regional marketing team, executive vice president Wang Wei signed the target responsibility letter with the Jiaxing regional marketing team, the new energy team responsible for Wang Chenjian, Zhuang Yafeng, Yu Mingfeng and Ni Shengqiang, etc., and the deputy general manager of the marketing and operation center, Lu Guojie signed the target responsibility letter with departmental responsible for Pan Dongliang, Zhu Yeming, Lu Xiaolei and Chen Xiaoxia, etc., respectively. Signed the target responsibility book. More than 110 people attended the meeting, including vice presidents of each department and some leading cadres above middle level, vice presidents of marketing and assistant vice presidents of large regions, and managers of marketing operation center, etc. Zhu Shueliang presided over the meeting.


At the meeting, Lu Guojie summarized the work of the marketing and operation center in the past year in the report, the whole center in the company under the correct leadership of the board of directors and the management team, effective response to the impact of the new Crown pneumonia epidemic and raw material prices, such as high shock and other huge risk challenges, to overcome the various types of adverse effects caused by the delay of the customer's project to the spirit of hard work, the full implementation of the company's annual production and operation of the work of the conference to determine the target tasks, adhere to the steady progress, and strive for the best. With a spirit of vigor and enthusiasm, the center fully implemented the goals and tasks set by the annual production and operation work conference of the company, adhered to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, and promoted the high-quality development of the company. In the past year, the center worked hard, the two network cornerstone further consolidation, the expansion project development to achieve new breakthroughs, the project market development to take new steps, team building has achieved significant results in the management level to further enhance the momentum of the payment of goods work is good. In the future, the whole center will pursue the policy of "expanding the market, expanding the team, improving the ability to create benefits", one, adhere to the growth of the grid market, planting the foundation of high-quality development; two, adhere to the building of the energy and central enterprises market, enhance the kinetic energy of high-quality development; three, adhere to the building of the utility market, expanding the space for high-quality development; four, adhere to the building of project engineering market, perfecting the platform for quality development; four, adhere to the building of project engineering market, perfecting the platform for quality development. Fourth, insist on building the project market to improve the platform for high-quality development; fifth, insist on improving the team's combat power to strengthen the guarantee of high-quality development; sixth, insist on improving the business capacity to polish the bottom color of high-quality development. Subsequently, Lu Guojie explained the newly revised settlement system to the participants present, and meticulously talked about the relevant settlement system of the company from the aspects of settlement standards, rewards and penalties interest, etc., to standardize the settlement work of various businesses.


At the meeting, Zhu Shueliang and came to participate in the meeting of the seven regional marketing team vice president Wang Huiliang, Wu Linfeng, Wang Chenjian, Yuan Wei, Zhou Jun, Fu Guoying and Yang Ying signed the annual regional marketing post target responsibility. Executive Vice President Wang Wei and Jiaxing regional marketing team manager, new energy marketing team manager Wang Chenjian, Zhuang Yafeng, Zhang Panhua, Yu Mingfeng, Ni Shengqiang, Xu Wei and Chen Zhuyun signed the target responsibility letter respectively. Mr. Lu Guojie and Mr. Pan Dongliang from the Product Shipping Section, Mr. Zhu Yeming from the After-sales Service Section, Mr. Lu Xiaolei from the Business Section and Mr. Chen Xiaoxia from the Commercial Section signed the target responsibility letter respectively.


Subsequently, Fang Wei, Zhou Jun, Yang Ying, Wang Chenjian, Fu Guoying, Wu Linfeng and other 14 people made statements on behalf of their respective teams, saying that they would focus on their own team's annual goals, in accordance with the company's requirements, and through hard work to ensure that the goals of the new year, to complete the new year's work.


Finally, Mr. Zhu pointed out at the meeting that: the start should run, the opening should be the first, Chenguang want to achieve a hundred years of enterprise, ten billion enterprises "double" goal, can not be separated from the efforts of all of you here and pay. In the future, Chenguang will plan to use 10-12 years to actively build 10 billion enterprises, and at the same time will use 5 years to build a hundred groups of marketing team goals. The responsibility is great, the task is arduous, to realize this great project, which not only needs the efforts of the enterprise level, but also needs the progress of each team, to form a good team building cycle of "there is still a group inside the group", to actively develop the target market of new energy, construction projects and industry expansion, to expand the market scale, and to achieve a new increase in sales performance. It is not easy to set up a team, how to build a team is the key, a team should be built, clear team set up goals, strengthen the team organization and leadership, improve team management capabilities, efficient management team, to create a high executive team. I hope that everyone makes good use of the enterprise platform, in the process of building a hundred groups to make a difference, the company will also actively serve the team, escort the team building, and jointly realize the company's development strategic planning goals.


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