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The company held a management and financial conference for the year 2023




Release time:2023-02-08 16:13


In the afternoon of February 4, in order to implement the spirit of the company's 2023 annual production and operation work conference and ensure the realization of the annual management and financial system objectives, the management and operation center and financial operation center held the 2023 annual management and financial work conference in the meeting room on the 3rd floor of the company and the Yuanhui, Zhu Wenqing, head of the management center, and Lu Qinfang, head of the financial section, respectively, on behalf of the management and operation center and financial operation center made a Departmental work report, Zhu Wenqing and his own department's middle-level leaders Feng Gaoxi, Jin Zhigang and Yuan Hong signed the post target responsibility book, the two major operation centers six section representatives made a statement respectively. All the company's middle-level leaders and cadres above, management and financial department personnel, as well as branch plant part of the supervisor on behalf of a total of more than 100 people attended the meeting. Zhu Shuiliang, chairman and general manager of the company, presided over the meeting and put forward requirements and hopes for the management and financial work in the new year.


Zhu Wenqing summarized the work of the management and operation center in the past year in the report, the center adhere to the deployment of high-quality development around the center, continue to improve the management performance, clear responsibilities and positioning, the courage to bear the responsibility of management, and orderly promotion of the work of all tasks, and achieve better work results. With the support and cooperation of all departments of the company, the center has demonstrated better management functions and played its due management role in promoting the annual key work of the service company and improving the basic management, etc. In 2023, the management and operation center will pursue the policy of "constructing a human resources highland, optimizing the management system, advancing the intelligent manufacturing, and boosting the company's high-quality development". In 2023, MOC will pursue the policy of "building human resources highland, optimizing management system, promoting intelligent manufacturing, and assisting the company's high-quality development", and do the following: First, unswervingly push forward the construction of human resources highland, and achieve new breakthroughs in human resources cultivation by building five platforms, fostering five teams, and improving five capabilities; second, unswervingly optimize the construction of management innovation, and achieve breakthroughs in the operation of the management system by upgrading the management and governance capacity of the company; and third, unswervingly push forward the informatization Third, unswervingly promote informatization, service company intelligent manufacturing, digitalization and industry and finance integration projects, to achieve breakthroughs in the fusion of the two.


Lu Qinfang, on behalf of the Financial Operation Center, summarized and reported on the work of the financial sector in 2022. In the past year, the Financial Operation Center has always taken the listing work as the top priority of enterprise development, and has provided services to promote the progress of the listing to ensure that the listing work is smoothly promoted. Over the past year, the main work of the department is as follows: First, strengthen the capital operation management, to ensure the orderly operation; Second, optimize the asset structure, reduce the problematic assets, improve the quality of assets; Third, strengthen the management of operating costs, and steadily improve the profit of the enterprise; Fourth, start the ERP 2.0 project to build the industry and financial integration management platform. 2023, the financial operation center will actively do: First, sound ERP2.0 data In 2023, the Finance Operation Center will actively do the following: first, improve the ERP2.0 data platform construction to achieve the goal of integrated management of business and finance; second, pay attention to the construction of the capital team, scientifically dispatch funds to meet the needs of business operations; third, reasonably set up cost centers, refine cost accounting, and promote the work of hierarchical accounting; and fourth, strengthen the management of assets, shorten the cycle of production and storage, and increase the turnover rate of assets.


Subsequently, Feng Gaoxi, Yuan Hong, Song Chunli, Li Hong, Lu Pinghua and Lu Qinfang on behalf of the department made a statement, have expressed the need to focus on the management and financial sector objectives, work together, drum up the energy for the post target responsibility book on the objectives and tasks, in order to achieve the department's annual goals and move forward.


Mr. Zhu pointed out at the meeting: Management Operations Center and Financial Operations Center jointly held a meeting to learn from each other, strengthen cooperation and exchange, refine the management work while comprehensively improving the level of financial management work. As a listed company, the financial information disclosure system and the construction of financial information transparency have become particularly important, so we have to further improve our own management and professional ability, keep the right and innovation, and make suggestions for the company's high-quality development. Digital management has become an inevitable trend of the times, to improve the digital thinking is imminent, to further improve the digital management capabilities, need to be paid by each employee, I hope that we always pursue the "enterprise development needs what kind of people, I have to work hard to become what kind of people," the belief, and always keep enterprising, and constantly improve the ability to quality, in the new year, for the company's high-quality development. We hope that you will always pursue the belief of "what kind of person is needed for enterprise development, what kind of person I should try to be", always keep the enterprising spirit, and constantly improve the ability and quality, and make new contributions for the service company to realize the goal in the new year.


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