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Deepening technological innovation and growing technical team Striving for comprehensively promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise




Release time:2023-02-08 16:10


In the afternoon of February 3, in order to implement the spirit of the company's 2023 annual production and operation work conference and to ensure the realization of the annual technical system goals, the company organized the Technical Operation Center and the R&D Center to hold the 2023 annual research and development and technical work conference in the conference room on the 3rd floor of the Hoyuanhui Club, Yue Zhenguo, Chief Engineer, Vice President of the R&D Center, and Jin Jinyuan, Vice President of the Technical Operation Center, respectively, made a departmental work report on behalf of the R&D Center and the Technical Operation Center. Yue Zhenguo, vice president of R&D Center, and Jin Jinyuan, vice president of Technical Operation Center, made a departmental work report on behalf of R&D Center and Technical Operation Center respectively, and Yue Zhenguo and Jin Jinyuan signed the post target responsibility book with Qian Zhaohui, Han Qifang and Yang Shidong, who are the middle-level leaders of their own departments respectively. The company's entire middle-level leaders and cadres, technical departments and quality inspection personnel, as well as part of the sub-factory team leader representatives, a total of more than 100 people attended the meeting. Zhu Shueliang, chairman and general manager of the company, presided over the meeting and put forward requirements and hopes for the technology and R&D work in the new year.


Yue Zhenguo summarized the work of R&D center in last year, reviewed the scientific and technological innovation work such as new product R&D, R&D platform construction, technical service, engineering projects, and the results achieved, and put forward the existing problems. 2023, the technology R&D center will continue to carry out the company's overall development plan, adhere to the "process management, vertical and horizontal integration, cultivate the backbone, and reach new heights". The center will continue to implement the company's overall development plan, adhere to the policy of "process management, vertical and horizontal integration, cultivating backbone, and reaching new heights", take the market and user needs as the guide, grasp the key core technologies and necklace problems, gather and integrate domestic and international innovation resources, implement the technology development strategy, cultivate the technical team, set up a platform for the high and new technology system, enhance the innovation capacity, vigorously develop high and new technologies, and accelerate the construction projects of submarine cables and fireproof cables; Strengthen the advantageous business, develop new business, accelerate the layout of new regions and new bases; continuous innovation, production cost reduction and efficiency, and actively adopt new materials, new technologies, new processes, do a good job throughout the year the development and identification of new products, and make great efforts to promote new products, enhance the market share of new products, and realize the transformation and upgrading to science and technology-based enterprises.


Jin Jinyuan summarized the work of the Technical Operation Center in the last year, and made a summary of the past year's performance in process and improvement, innovation and management, training and intelligent management, supervision and inspection, problem handling and technical services, etc. In 2023, the Technical Operation Center will continue to carry out the concept of high-quality development, optimize the technical management of information technology as a tool to grasp the technical management of various technical management work, i. Strengthen the technical service to ensure product quality; ii. service to guarantee product quality; ii. enhance detection management to escort product quality; iii. strengthen quality technical supervision to meet user needs; iv. collaborative innovation projects, services to improve efficiency; v. enhance technical improvement to ensure work quality; vi. enhance detection progress to ensure product quality; vii. cultivate customer service personnel to deal with customer complaints.In 2023, the Technical Operation Center will carry out the In 2023, the Technical Operation Center will carry out the technical management policy of "reducing cost, grasping quality, increasing efficiency, improving skills, and strengthening the team", and work hard for the company's high-quality development!


Subsequently, Qian Zhaohui, Han Qifang and Yang Shidong made statements on behalf of the section respectively, and expressed the need to focus on the objectives of the technical department, make concerted efforts, drum up energy, and make efforts to realize the department's annual objectives in view of the objectives and work tasks on the post target responsibility book.


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Zhu pointed out that: today's world, in a century of unprecedented changes. World multipolarization, economic globalization is unstoppable, at the same time, the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the economy has also caused a serious impact, a variety of challenges are increasingly severe. In this environment, each country, each enterprise should seriously think about how to develop, user needs are undergoing new changes, new needs and new changes derived from new technology development goals. Enterprises want to develop and grow, product research and development should be the first, in recent years, the company seriously research and development of fire prevention cables, composite smooth aluminum sheathed cables and other new products, the first to take the lead in the forefront of the industry. R & D strong technology is strong, technology is strong product is strong, product is strong enterprise is strong, in the face of the company's "double hundred" goal, the new product research and development task is very difficult, I hope that everyone here to learn from each other, make progress together, and work hard for the comprehensive advancement of the enterprise high-quality and sound development!


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