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Refinement of the "five" management and enhancement of the "five good" ability for the full completion of the annual goal of unity and struggle




Release time:2023-02-02 16:57


In the afternoon of February 1, in order to implement the spirit of the company's 2023 annual production and management work conference, to ensure the realization of the annual departmental objectives, manufacturing operations center organization in the company and far from the meeting room on the 3rd floor of the production work conference held in the year 2023, production management section chief Sun Junliang on behalf of the production sector made a production work report, manufacturing operations center deputy general manager Wang Mingzhen and the department of the entire middle leadership signed the post target Production planning section chief Yao Yejun, equipment section chief Lu Weiquan, six branch plant managers Sheng Xueliang, Feng Jian and Jin Xueping respectively made a statement. More than 150 people attended the meeting, including all the leading cadres above middle level, managers of production departments and branch factories, and representatives of team leaders of some branch factories. Zhu Shueliang, chairman and general manager of the company, presided over the meeting and put forward requirements and hopes for the production management.



Sun Junliang in the report comprehensively summarized the performance of the production management work over the past year, the past year, manufacturing operations center cadres and staff actively work hard, pay close attention to lean manufacturing, deepen the five management, and promote the digital upgrading, the year basically achieved the beginning of the year target, and achieved a certain degree of economic and social benefits. Throughout the year, first, around the construction of a management capacity, organizational capacity, hands-on ability, professional ability of the "four" specialization, special new cadres and staff manufacturing team, to carry out a number of work; second, always adhere to the production plan is the core of departmental management, is the source; third, go all out to grasp the boutique production activities, quality control and quality pass rate has been further improved, and the quality of the manufacturing operation center. Quality pass rate has been further improved, emphasizing the importance of quality management and quality assessment; Fourth, always put the cost of construction on the production of an important position, whether it is material procurement, or the production process of material control are centered around the cost of construction, do a good job of material articles; Fifth, equipment management around the beginning of the year to determine the objectives, focusing on a number of work; Sixth, one hand to grasp the production, to protect the quality, reduce costs, and delivery at the same time, the other hand to grasp the solid basic management, that is, to ensure the quality of production, cost reduction, delivery. The other hand to grasp the solid foundation management, that is, 6S management.


The report puts forward the new year department management guidelines, manufacturing operations center will continue to hold high the banner of the company's production and management conference, refine the "five" management, enhance the "five good" ability, in-depth implementation of the "planning accuracy, equipment, security, quality, first-class site, first-class, and the production and operation of the company's production and operation of the company's production and operation conference. Guarantee, quality, first-class site, safety and reliability, leading efficiency" policy, and then create a new performance of the work of the Manufacturing Operations Center. In the new year, we should do a good job: First, strive to build a good MES management platform, comprehensively improve the production system informationization, intelligence, digital lean management level; Second, strengthen the construction of the plan management team, accurate planning, to achieve good plan management, implementation capacity and then leap; Third, strengthen the construction of the process control team, around the goal of accurate production, based on the front line, comprehensively improve the equipment, quality, cost and site management level, to achieve the management ability to greatly improve the management level. In 2023, all the staff of the manufacturing operation center will unite and work hard, focus on the annual goal, continue to exceed and strive to be the first, fully implement the construction of "one platform, three teams and five good abilities", and promote the "five" management work in a solid and effective way, and work towards the goal. "management work, towards the goal, for the realization of the annual manufacturing operations center goals and tasks and united struggle!


Subsequently, Sun Junliang, Yao Yejun, Lu Weiquan, Sheng Xueliang, Feng Jian and Jin Xueping department of intermediate-level leaders made statements, have expressed the need to focus on the production sector goals, work together, drum up the energy for the post target responsibility book of the objectives and tasks for the realization of the department's annual goals and move forward.


Mr. Zhu pointed out at the end of the meeting: In the past year, the successful landing of the North Stock Exchange opened a new chapter on the road of development of Chenguang, accelerating the company's high-quality development, for which Mr. Zhu affirmed the dedication and contribution of each employee to the listing work. In the face of an increasingly competitive environment and a complex and changing market, every employee of Chenguang is required to be not only a contributor to first-class brands, a practitioner of industry benchmarking, and a person of integrity in the eyes of customers, but also a leader in intelligent innovation, a leader in lean manufacturing, and a leader in digital management. In the future, the company will continue to improve the level of high-quality manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, and strive to reduce production costs while ensuring product quality enhancement, and at the same time, we should enhance the leanness of equipment management with intelligence, and devote ourselves to the intelligent transformation and upgrading of equipment. Finally, he encouraged each young employee to strive to grow their talents, actively improve the quality of specialization, and contribute to the company's high-quality development of youth power. I hope that all participants seriously study the company's production and management work report and today's production management work report, to further digest and comprehend the spirit of the meeting, in the new year, to establish a high sense of responsibility consciousness, clear the company, the department and their own job objectives and new work tasks, based on their own positions, do their jobs, in order to comprehensively promote the five management work, to achieve the goals of 2023, to complete the new year work tasks and work hard! Strive hard to realize the goals of 2023 and accomplish the tasks of the new year!


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