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Deepening Innovative Management and Enhancing Endogenous Dynamics Striving for Realizing High-Quality Development of the Company




Release time:2023-02-01 09:40


In the afternoon of January 31, the company's 2023 annual production and operation work conference was held in the third floor conference room of the Heyuan Building, Zhu Shueliang, chairman and general manager of the company, made a 2023 annual production and operation work report entitled "Deepen innovative management, enhance the endogenous power to realize the company's high-quality development and work hard for it", in which he comprehensively and objectively summed up the achievements and harvests of the various tasks in 2022 andIn the report, he comprehensively and objectively summarized the achievements and gains of the work in 2022, and put forward the guiding ideology of production and operation in the new year, the policy objectives and work tasks, and pointed out the way forward for this year. At the meeting, Zhu Shueliang and the vice president of each operation center signed the post target responsibility book. All the company's middle level and above leading cadres, overseas large regional sales vice president and vice president of the assistant, staff representatives of various departments and other more than 190 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhu Wenqing, vice president of the company's management and operation center.



Mr. Zhu summarized the achievements made in the past year in his report, he said: 2022 was an extremely extraordinary year, facing the heavy test of the century epidemic and the complex situation under the century of change, the company, under the correct leadership of the board of directors and the management team, coordinated the two overall situation of the market and production, coordinated technological innovation and management progress, coordinated the development and sound operation, increased business and management, and kept the production and operation Stability.In the past year, the quality of development of the company was steadily improved, technological innovation was continuously promoted, management and business were increasingly refined, and the enterprise operation stepped up to a new level.


The opening determines the overall situation, and the start determines the future trend. In the report, Mr. Zhu put forward the guiding ideology, policy objectives and main work tasks in 2023, the main work tasks are: I. Grow the marketing team, promote team reform, improve business capacity, and ask for market from marketing. Second, grasp the project construction, improve R & D capability, refine process management, to technology for quality. Third, adhere to the integration of "digital intelligence", strengthen the five management, to realize the essence of smart manufacturing, to the production efficiency. Strengthen intelligent innovation, cultivate digital team, promote the integration of industry and finance, and demand efficiency from information management. Strengthen digital empowerment, optimize the accounting system, strengthen cost control, and seek benefits from finance. Sixth, building talent highland, optimizing system construction, empowering management to improve, to management for the program. 2023 the company must adhere to the "blade to the inside" of the self-innovation, looking for opportunities in the midst of the crisis, with the leading level of technology, keen market awareness, to change the concept of development, change the mode of development, bearing in mind the original entrepreneurial spirit, and always maintain the "breakthrough" of the company. The spirit of "breakthrough", "create" energy, "dry" style, to promote the high-quality development of Chenguang Cable to achieve breakthrough progress, landmark results, and strive to make new and greater contributions in the new road to catch up with the examination. New and greater contribution to the new road to catch up.


Finally, Mr. Zhu pointed out that: all cadres and staff should unify their thoughts and actions to the company's decision-making and deployment, grasp the momentum of the business to improve, grasp the favorable conditions for development, raise awareness, scientific strain, take the initiative to seek change, move forward, cultivate the first opportunity in the crisis, and open a new situation in the situation, under the strong leadership of the company's board of directors and the management team, we should not forget the original intention, maintain the strength, and make progress in the stable and resolute, and make efforts to promote the implementation of the annual work, and make new contributions to the new road of catching up. Promote the implementation of the annual work, with new performance and new results to achieve the company's "double hundred" goal to make greater contributions.


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