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Han Qifang was honored to be elected as a deputy to the National People's Congress --Chenguang Cable's talent cultivation project has again brought good news and fruitful results.




Release time:2023-01-30 13:52


The afternoon of January 15, Zhejiang Province, the fourteenth session of the National People's Congress held the third plenary meeting, in accordance with the law, the election of the fourteenth session of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress director, deputy director, secretary-general, members of the provincial people's government, governor, vice-governor of the provincial People's Government, the provincial Supervisory Commission, the provincial Higher People's Court, the Provincial People's Procuratorate Prosecutor General, the General Assembly elected 99 representatives of Zhejiang Province to attend the fourteenth National People's Congress! On the same day, the Bureau of the First Session of the 14th National People's Congress of Zhejiang Province issued a notice, Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. Technical Supervision Section Chief, Senior Technician, Provincial Ten Thousand People's Plan of Highly Skilled Leading Talents, Provincial Model Worker, Zhejiang Master Craftsman, the State Council Government Special Allowance Han Qifang was elected to become a delegate to the Fourteenth National People's Congress, this is the company adhere to the implementation of the strategic planning for talent development, the results of the company's efforts to promote the cultivation of skilled personnel. This is the result of the company's adherence to the implementation of the strategic plan for talent development, but also the company's efforts to promote skills training project masterpiece, but also the history of the development of Pinghu City and the company's development course of a great joy.



After seeing the attention of the election results, then, Han Qifang said: as a representative of the National People's Congress from the grass-roots level gradually grew up, in harvesting this honor, feel excited, at the same time, we should be grateful to the company's cultivation, thanks to all levels of government care, thanks to the care of all parties in the community, and focus on the importance of actively play out the role of representatives of the National People's Congress should play to strengthen the contact with the higher level of the National People's Congress and communication, listen to the views of all parties. We should actively play out the proper role of NPC deputies, strengthen the contact and communication with the higher level NPC, widely listen to the opinions of all parties, sink our hearts, think seriously, seize the time, and carefully do the preparatory work of the NPC proposal project such as proposing, researching, drafting and revising, etc. At that time, he and 99 representatives of the whole province will go to the Beijing to participate in the 14th National People's Congress with high-quality proposals to fulfill the duties and responsibilities.

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