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Song Yuanyuan Selected as Zhejiang Youth Craftsman 2022




Release time:2023-01-03 08:23


On December 21, Zhejiang Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and the Communist Youth League of Zhejiang Provincial Committee jointly released the public announcement list of Zhejiang Young Craftsmen in 2022, which is based on the Notice of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee Talent Work Leading Group Office of Zhejiang Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department of Zhejiang Provincial Finance Department of Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Trade Unions of Zhejiang Province Committee of the Communist Youth League of Zhejiang on the Issuance of the Management Measures for the Selection of Zhejiang Craftsmen in the New Era (Zhejiang People's Social Security Fa [2021] No.15). Social Development [2021] No. 15) requirements, from the province selected a number of young craftsmen. The raw material tester of the company's testing section was listed among them, which is another important achievement of the company over the years in the skill talent training project, which is a confirmation of the company's talent cultivation and another encouragement to all the staff.



Song Yuanyuan, a member of the CPC, entered the company in 2009, is now Chenguang Cable Technical Operations Center testing section of the raw material testing supervisor, has obtained the national wire and cable manufacturing worker (inspector) skills appraisal level of junior, intermediate and senior worker certificate, 2022 to participate in the national wire and cable manufacturing worker (technician) appraisal, technician certificate, and obtain the certificate of internal auditor of the management system certification of the Zhejiang Gongxin. In April 2017, Song Yuanyuan's inspection team was awarded "Worker Vanguard" by Pinghu City Federation of Trade Unions; in February 2019, it was awarded "Pinghu City Three Star Beautiful Worker"; in April 2019, it was awarded the most team spirit award of the company's Excellent Talent Training Program; in January 2020, it was awarded the most team spirit award of the company's Excellent Talent Training Program. Team Spirit Award; in January 2020, was named the Company's 2019 Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement Pioneer; in February 2021, was named the Company's 2020 Advanced Individual of Two-chemical Integration; in June 2021, the Party member testing team was awarded the "Party member Pioneer Team" issued by the Committee of New Economy and Social Organization of the Municipal Party Committee of CPC Pinghu City and the General Union of Trade Unions of Pinghu City; in 2021, was awarded "Worker Pioneer". "In June 2021, the party member testing team was awarded "Pioneer Team of Party Members" by the New Economic and Social Organization Committee of CPC Pinghu Municipal Committee and Pinghu Federation of Trade Unions.


At present, Song Yuanyuan as the company's raw material testing supervisor, not only for the company to grasp the quality of raw materials, but also in the passing of certain achievements in the raw material testing team, there are two testers, has passed the China Quality Certification Center's wire and cable inspector certification in 2020 through the National Wire and Cable Manufacturing Worker (inspector) of the intermediate vocational skills qualification. In 2021 Zhejiang Province, the first inspection worker skills competition stage, as the company's mechanical properties of the test in the practical operation of the instructor, under her guidance, the company's competitors operating ability to get the judge teacher's affirmation, she himself in 2021 Zhejiang Province, wire and cable inspection worker competition won the award. 


In the company's new product development process, Song Yuanyuan has been used as a test to determine the quality of selected raw materials to determine the work of the company's high-voltage cable buffer water-blocking tape characteristics of the research, she provided a large number of first-hand data for the company's high-voltage cable quality enhancement has contributed to the research and development of new products to obtain a "a crumpled aluminum sheath medium-voltage composite frequency conversion cable "Patent certificate and other achievements. In the company's smart Chenguang information construction project, she proposed to improve the MES system in the raw material data upload method, and assisted the information section to develop and apply, greatly improving the efficiency of raw material data upload SDCC system.


Next, Song Yuanyuan said that she will continue to improve her skill level and continue to do a good job in passing on, helping and leading while she is sprinting to be a senior technician, bringing out a group of raw material testing experts for the company and cultivating raw material testing backbone talents for the enterprise. As a party member, she said that we should always ask ourselves to be a good party member, work conscientiously, be down-to-earth, and make more and better contributions to the service company to build science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises.


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