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Chenguang Cable Stabilized in the List of Most Competitive Enterprises in the Industry




Release time:2022-12-21 10:08


On the morning of December 20, 2022 China wire and cable industry online conference was held successfully, China Electrical Apparatus Industry Association, vice president, chairman of the Wire and Cable Branch, Shanghai Cable Research Institute Limited executive director, general manager Mr. Jiang Bin speech. Wu Ying, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Cable Research Institute, China Electrical Apparatus Industry Association Wire and Cable Branch Secretary General Gao Feng, Xu Weibin, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Cable Research Institute, China Electrical Apparatus Industry Association Wire and Cable Branch Executive Deputy Secretary General Wu Shimin, Deputy Director of the Mechanical Industry Occupational Ability Evaluation of Wire and Cable Industry Sub-center Liu Bin, Huang Guofei, General Manager of the Shanghai National Cable Inspection Company Limited, as well as the national various Local business associations, standardization committees and other participants in the conference. China Electrical Apparatus Industry Association Wire and Cable Branch Deputy Secretary General Ling Chenggang presided over the meeting.



China Electrical Appliance Industry Association Wire and Cable Branch Executive Deputy Secretary General Wu Shimin released the "nearly two years of China's wire and cable industry, economic analysis report", the report analyzes the economic operation in 2021, review of the cable import and export situation in 2021, 49 samples of the listed cable enterprise operation data for analysis, for the current economic operation tends to be cold, a variety of contradictions is relatively prominent in the business situation, it is recommended that wire and cable Enterprises should avoid risk, safeguard operational security, improve operational quality, rational investment, avoid blindly follow the trend, dedicated to specialization, speciality and new, buried in the hidden champion way, the initiative industry to work together to create a good ecological development of the industry atmosphere.



Launch of the "National Cable Inspection Cup" National Fourth Wire and Cable Manufacturing Worker (Inspector) Vocational Skills Competition Online Award Ceremony, China Machinery Industry Vocational Center Liu Bin presided over the awards ceremony, the competition Executive Committee Director Shi Zhongguang speech, the general manager of Shanghai National Cable Inspection Company Limited Huang Guofei read out the decision of recognition, the release of excellent enterprises, outstanding contribution awards and individual competition rankings. Ltd. read out the commendation decision, the release of the competition excellent enterprises, outstanding contribution award and individual competition rankings and other online awards.


Conference also grandly unveiled the 2022 annual China cable industry's most competitive enterprises in the top 10, 20 and 100 list, Hengtong Group, Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology and on the cable on the top 10 list of 10 enterprises, Qingdao Han cable, Jiangnan cable and Jinbei electrician 10 enterprises were honored on the list of top 20 list, Futong Group, Zhejiang Wanma, Ningbo Dongfang cable and Hangzhou cable four Zhejiang cable Enterprises were listed in the top 10 and top 20 list, Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. in 2022, China's cable industry's most competitive enterprises in the list of top 39, compared with the 2020 and 2021 annual rankings continue to improve.



2022, Chenguang cable in the face of the domestic economic downturn, the new crown epidemic multi-point dissemination, raw material prices and other unfavorable factors, the organization of all cadres and staff bite the annual goals and tasks do not relax, the implementation of scientific and technological innovation decision-making does not waver, adhere to the development of the digital economy does not slacken in the work of the whole year a series of combinations of fists, by further strengthening the marketing team and marketing team construction, increase the new market new users Through further strengthening the marketing team and marketing team construction, increasing the development of new markets and new users, we have obtained good sales orders throughout the year; through the organization to strengthen the management, and further internal training, we have achieved good results in quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency and on-site management; we have organized to promote the research and development of new products, the new family of smooth aluminum sheathing series has added a new member, and the research and development of new fire protection series of cables continues to progress, and the research and development of new products of cables and wires for high-end equipment has accelerated, and the fund-raising projects have been closely continued to progress. Innovative patented technology harvest, scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises, green factories and post-doctoral innovation workstations and other provincial and municipal a number of honors fell on Chenguang; in the digital construction throughout the year without stopping, carefully planning and designing the information technology construction of the new project, the comprehensive integration of the system and data, the construction of industry and finance integration platform, empowering the management of the systematic enhancement of the organization to promote the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, the school-enterprise cooperation projects to hit a new record high, the internal Talent cultivation has made a new chapter in history, and marketing and skill talents have achieved fruitful results again. Through the common struggle of all cadres and staff, the company achieved hard-won production and operation results in 2022, realizing a more stable development of the enterprise.


This continues to be among the 2022 China cable industry's most competitive 100 companies list, is the company's continued innovation and development of affirmation and encouragement, the company will take this ranking improvement as an opportunity to focus on building science and technology innovation, digital, scale and professional, etc. as the goal to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, the digital economy and talent cultivation, and strive towards creating a more competitive industry benchmark.

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