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Chenguang Cable was awarded the title of "Green Factory".




Release time:2022-12-05 09:37


Recently, Jiaxing City Bureau of Economy and Information Technology announced the list of the third batch of green industrial parks and factories in Jiaxing City in 2022, and Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Company Limited was honored with the title of "Green Factory" in Jiaxing City.


Chenguang Cable has always been adhering to the concept of green development, "energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, efficiency" as the goal, the establishment of an environmental management system, the use of advanced production equipment, the use of halogen-free, low-smoke flame retardant and other clean raw materials and clean energy such as solar energy, advocating the conservation of resources, to carry out the creation of water-saving enterprises, green enterprises, good management and assessment of material utilization rate, and the creation of green enterprises. Grasp the material utilization rate management and assessment, improve the resource utilization rate, grasp the pollutant discharge and a series of management work, to ensure the green development of the enterprise.


This time, the company was awarded as "Green Factory" in Jiaxing City, which is an affirmation and encouragement for the company to adhere to green development and sustainable development. We believe that in the future, Chenguang Cable will continue to promote green development, recycling development, low-carbon development on this basis, and will continue to play a good role in the demonstration of the "green factory", and further the concept of environmental protection and resource conservation throughout the entire process of the enterprise's daily production and operation, and contribute to China's efforts to achieve the dual-carbon goals!



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