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Tian Kai, Secretary of Jiaxing Youth League Municipal Committee, visited the company for inspection and guidance.




Release time:2022-11-25 14:28


In the afternoon of November 24, Tian Kai, secretary of Jiaxing Municipal Committee, accompanied by Sun Koonqi, secretary of Pinghu Municipal Committee, Lu Ting, deputy secretary of Dushan Gang Town Party Committee, visited Chenguang Cable for research and investigation, and was received by Zhu Wenqing, vice president of the company's management and operation center, Yang Yi of the director's office, and Song Chunli of the party committee office.


Accompanied by Zhu Wenqing, Secretary Tian Kai and his entourage visited the company's exhibition hall, where Zhu Wenqing introduced the company's development overview, management innovation projects, scientific and technological innovation and talent training achievements. Subsequently, the research group visited the company's centralized control center, Zhu Wenqing on the centralized control center construction and operation of the introduction to the company to build manufacturing + Internet fusion development pattern, and the performance achieved and so on.


After listening to the introduction, Mr. Tian Kai, the secretary of the party committee of the company, affirmed the "1984" characteristic party building system, and at the same time inquired about the work carried out by the company's Communist Youth League organization, and asked about the various kinds of cultural activities carried out by the company in normal times. He pointed out that "in the process of cultural construction, we should give full play to the subjective initiative of the staff, especially the young and energetic youth league organization, we should always boost the spirit, take the initiative, and contribute to the high-quality development of the company."


Secretary Tian Kai and his entourage also came to the production site of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage cross-linked cables, inquired about the production and research and development of new high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage composite smooth aluminum-sheathed cross-linked cables, and fully affirmed the company's scientific and technological innovation achievements.


Before the trip, Zhu Wenqing expressed his thanks to Secretary Tian Kai and his party for their concern and support for the company's development, and said that he would continue to strengthen the ideological and political leadership, cohesion of young people's strength, sustained struggle, and fully tap the potential of the staff, so that they can carry forward the spirit of ownership, and continue to contribute to youthful strength in the company's high-quality development.


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