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Company launches SAP-ERP 2.0 project




Release time:2022-11-24 08:24


In the afternoon of November 21st, in order to integrate the company's existing business data, open up information islands, build up an integrated management system for business and finance with fast transfer of business data, and better integrate into the new business model of digital economy development, the company organized the "Chenguang Cable SAP-ERP 2.0 Kickoff Meeting" in the conference room on the third floor of the Heyuan Club. Chairman and General Manager Zhu Shueliang, Secretary of the Board of Directors Zhu Weiyi, Executive Vice President Wang Wei, Sales Director of SAP Zhejiang Growth Enterprises Anna Shen, Architect Queena Liu, Sales Manager Rosie Hu, HAND Partner & General Manager of SAP Consulting Services Division Amanda Lu Yielding Ying, Project Director Ding Yichun, Project Manager Zhao Xin, and implementation teachers of each business module of the project, as well as the CEO of Zhejiang Gongqi Information Technology Co. implementation teachers, Zhang Muchun, general manager of Zhejiang Gongqi Information Technology Co., Ltd, Lu Guojie, vice president of marketing operation center, Yang Youliang, vice president of financial operation center, middle-level leaders and project team members, etc. attended the meeting, and Zhu Weirong, market development center, presided over the meeting.


At the meeting, Zhao Xin, the project leader of HANDFOND, made a general introduction on the background and objectives of the project, SAP-ERP 2.0 system is a new demand for improving the efficiency and transparency of business on the basis of integrating the informationization of the company's existing systems such as MES, OA, CRM, etc. HANDFOND will give the project a 6+1 project. H&Q will give a "6+1" project construction cycle and 2-year business service support, and analyze the project objectives from seven business dimensions: business data standardization and unification, core value chain process capability construction, business and financial integration construction, integrated management platform construction, talent cultivation, process efficiency enhancement, and establishment of business analysis system, and then he briefly explained the project specific implementation plan and risk points.


Anna Shen affirmed Chenguang's commitment and determination to the digital transformation construction, introduced the SAP industry practice experience, and expressed his gratitude to the company for choosing to cooperate with HAND to implement SAP and ERP project after repeated communication and exchange in the early stage and said that he would cooperate with all parties to do a good job in the project construction, and serve to support Chenguang's future development. "She asked the project team members to recognize the importance of project implementation, and hoped that during the implementation process, they would strengthen the cooperation with the leaders of all departments of Chenguang Cable and the members of the project team, to guarantee the corresponding delivery at each node, to ensure that the project will be completed on schedule, and to create a digital Chenguang, to better support the Chenguang business management innovation.


Lu Guojie on the company over the years in the ERP management practice results and role of the introduction of the implementation of ERP2.0 talked about their own views, with the rapid development of the company, the existing ERP 1.0 has been unable to fully support the management of the needs of the urgent need for a management innovation and breakthroughs. the implementation of ERP 2.0 is a deep management innovation of the existing methods of work, the way of work and management methods. He expressed his hope that through the implementation of ERP 2.0 project, it can effectively support the company's business management as the core of the whole value chain management system, promote the improvement of enterprise operational efficiency and management level, and further consolidate the foundation of digital upgrading and construction of "Smart Chenguang Intelligent Interconnection". At the same time, he put forward several specific requirements on the implementation of ERP project, hoping that the project participants will really clarify the purpose of the construction, implement the project responsibility, and express their full cooperation with the project construction to ensure the early completion of the construction tasks.


On behalf of HAND, Amanda, a partner of HAND, made a solemn promise to Chenguang Cable: she said that the project team members will devote themselves to this SAP-ERP 2.0 project to ensure that the project will be successfully implemented and completed according to the plan, and that she has the ability and confidence to help Chenguang Cable to digitalization. Secondly, as a consultant of SAP, we have the responsibility to explore the road of digitalization together, technology-driven, manufacturing real estate, marketing market boost as the three core lifeblood of the manufacturing industry, SAP-ERP 2.0 is the effective coupling of the three gears, and then form a "digitalization of all business, all the data business" of the digitalization of the situation. Digitalization situation. At the same time, she also hoped that each participant can study diligently, with an inclusive and open mind, actively accept new things, and create a new information system of Chenguang.


Zhu Shuliang made a concluding speech, he said: the implementation of ERP 2.0 project is the face of the new development pattern of Chenguang Cable, further to the underlying business logic, business processes, a comprehensive sorting, is to achieve the industrial digital transformation and upgrading of the important milestones, and through digitalization to further improve the core competitiveness of the company. At the same time, Mr. Zhu put forward requirements and hopes for the implementation of the ERP 2.0 project: he requested to do a good job in the top-level blueprint design, to consolidate the groundwork, and he requested to ensure that the project is successfully online in terms of quality and quantity. He hoped that everyone should have the goal, confidence and determination to complete the project of "Smart Chenguang Intelligent Interconnection", establish a digital management platform with Chenguang characteristics, promote the effective combination of information technology and traditional manufacturing industry, and promote the deep integration of industrialization and digitalization.


Afterwards, Zhu Shueliang and Zhu Weiyi signed the agreement with the project cooperation unit and took a group photo, and then the members of the project team also signed the responsibility letter and took a group photo.



Chenguang Cable implements ERP2.0 project on the basis of the original system of the company based on the requirements of its own management improvement. With the active participation of the company's management and relevant departments, after 3 months of preparation and careful selection, Chenguang Cable joined hands with SAP, Hande and Zhejiang Industrial Enterprise to jointly promote the construction of ERP2.0 project. This project aims to realize the integration and consolidation of ERP and MES/OA/CRM systems, optimize the business processes of the company's sales, manufacturing, supply, finance and other systems, and establish an information management platform featuring cloud computing.


Next, Chenguang Cable will collaborate with members of the project cooperation unit to sort out the business processes and seek for the best solutions, which will be a major improvement of Chenguang's information and business processes, and will bring new and bigger changes for the company's future management model innovation, precision management and business process standardization.


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