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School-enterprise cooperation for a new chapter! Chenguang Cable joins hands with Pinghu Institute of Technology




Release time:2022-11-18 13:20


In the afternoon of November 16th, in the spirit of mutual collaboration, each playing its own strengths and complementing each other's needs, after preliminary communication and negotiation, the "Signing Ceremony of School-Enterprise Cooperation and the Opening Ceremony of New Apprenticeship System of Enterprises" of Pinghu Institute of Technology and Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Company Limited was grandly held in the company. Mr. Lu Zhongming, Deputy Director of Pinghu Municipal Education Bureau, Mr. Wang Weiming, Deputy Director of Pinghu Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Mr. Jin Lindi, Deputy Mayor of Dushan Gang Town, Mr. Zhu Shueliang, Chairman and General Manager of the Company, Mr. Gong Yueming, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Pinghu Institute of Technology, and some leaders of the Company and representatives of the teachers and students of the School, etc., all of them, amounting to more than 70 people, participated in the Ceremony and the ceremony. Mr. Zhu Shueliang and Mr. Gong Yueming unveiled the plaque for the opening ceremony of the new apprenticeship system and the collaborative cultivation base for high-skilled talents.



Gong Yueming said in his speech, Pinghu Institute of Technology and Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. will be formally tied to the "relatives", and work together for the development of vocational education, for the Chenguang Cable Company, the cultivation of high-skilled personnel connected to the heart, and move forward. He said that after the signing of the official contract, the two sides will carry out a full range of cooperation in the dual-teacher mutual employment, student internships, technology research and development, staff skills upgrading, school-enterprise cultural interactions, donations to schools, etc., to give full play to their respective advantages, and to realize the sharing of resources, mutual benefit and win-win situation.


Zhu Shueliang introduced the school-enterprise cooperation mode, he said that the cooperation with Pinghu Institute of Technology has opened a through train for the company to deliver talents, provided strong innovation and technical support for the enterprise, and provided a multi-dimensional stage for employees to strengthen their skills. Chenguang Cable will also provide the school with rich resources and equipment, relying on the collaborative training base of highly skilled personnel, in student internships, technology research and development, and other aspects of the development of vocational education to provide assistance.


The combination of strength is the main tone of this signing. Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the national power cable industry integrating R&D, production and sales, a provincial patent demonstration enterprise and a national key high-tech enterprise. Pinghu Institute of Technology is the integration of academic education, vocational training, social services as a whole, characterized by high-skilled personnel training and training of full-time technical colleges, schooling for more than 40 years, the cumulative training and training of nearly 100,000 people, for the high-quality development of the Pinghu economy to provide a strong support for skilled personnel. After the strong combination, the outstanding advantages of both sides in their respective fields will be fully combined to build a strong synergy for cultivating more highly skilled personnel.


Taking this signing as an opportunity, Pinghu Institute of Technology appointed Han Qifang, the backbone of Chenguang Cable's technical operation, as a visiting professor. As a Zhejiang master craftsman, Han Qifang gained a new identity and took on a new apprentice at the same time. The pairing of master and apprentice will give full play to their unique advantages in "transferring and helping" and inject new momentum into the school-enterprise cooperation.


"The purpose of the new apprenticeship system is to cultivate highly skilled personnel, and we hope that we can reach a close partnership with enterprises, focusing on the win-win model of sharing resources between schools and enterprises, and cultivate the talents needed by society. It is also hoped that in the subsequent cooperation we will also be able to deepen cooperation with enterprises to discuss technical difficulties, propose solutions and implement solutions." Tao Wei, a professional course teacher of the Electrical Engineering Department of Pinghu Institute of Technology, said.


"When students come to enterprises for internship, they can not only learn the industry's top technology in the one-on-one and multi-on-one mentor-apprentice pairing model, but also broaden their horizons and plan for their own career development. If students perform well during their internship, they can enter the company directly after graduation." Huang Chen, class leader of the Chenguang Cable crosslinking unit class, introduced.


"The establishment of school-enterprise cooperation between Pinghu Institute of Technology and Chenguang Cable not only provides talent assurance for enterprise development, but also provides path options for enterprise transformation. School-enterprise cooperation helps enterprises take a step ahead to absorb more excellent talents, accelerates the reform of the school's industry-teaching integration mode of schooling and talent cultivation mode, and will be an important initiative to realize a win-win situation between the school and the enterprise." Jin Lindi, deputy mayor of Dushan Harbor Town, said, at the same time, he put forward several opinions on how to run a good school-enterprise cooperation.


"Pinghu Institute of Technology should take the signing of this school-enterprise cooperation as an opportunity to further innovate the talent cultivation mode, provide more and better high-end skilled talents for the economic development of Pinghu, and then form a good situation of win-win situation for the school, the trainees and the enterprises." Lu Zhongmin, deputy director of Pinghu Education Bureau, fully affirmed this school-enterprise cooperation and put forward several hopes.


The smooth development of the cooperation is not without the strong support of the government. In the future, the Education Bureau, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other relevant departments will strongly support the development of school-enterprise cooperation, effectively develop and improve the supporting measures, implement the responsibility, follow up services, and explore new paths and modes of school-enterprise cooperation. This is a brand new start, we believe that with the support and help of leaders at all levels, the active participation and joint efforts of enterprises and colleges, the cooperation will achieve fruitful results!


The world of school-enterprise cooperation is wide, which is one of the important initiatives of the company around the strategic planning of talent development, increase the training of skilled personnel, will meet the company's development of high-skilled personnel training and demand, and help the transformation and upgrading of enterprises has far-reaching significance.


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