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Chenguang Cable's Gu Jiahuang honored as chief technician of Pinghu City




Release time:2022-11-11 09:09


Recently, in the Pinghu City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau organized by the Pinghu City Chief Technician selection activities, the company's technical operations center testing section of the tester, senior technician, Zhejiang Province Golden Blue Collar winner Gu Jiahuang was selected as one of the ninth batch of Pinghu City Chief Technician!





"I'm going to do the most ordinary work with a high degree of enthusiasm and become the most skillful worker." Recently, Gu Jiahuang, who has just been selected as the ninth batch of chief technician of Pinghu City, said excitedly. Over the years, the company has insisted on the construction of skilled personnel, giving full play to the leading role of high-skilled leaders, and achieved significant training results. In recent years, Pinghu City, from 2013 onwards, close to the advanced manufacturing industry, strategic emerging industries and other key industries, excellent skills, outstanding contribution, with the apprentice teaching, in the city's various industries related to occupations (types of work) to influence and drive the role of highly skilled personnel to select, so that the ordinary workers, "transformed" to become a technical talent.


Gu Jiahuang, male, senior technician, quality inspection section tester, entered the Chenguang cable work in 2006, with 90 # extrusion machine, crosslinking production line and quality testing and other rich operating and working experience. Over the years, under the care and guidance of the company and departmental leaders, with continuous self-learning ability, he passed the Junior Worker Appraisal in 2007, and his theoretical examination achieved the first place in the country, obtained the title of Engineer in 2013, the Technician Certificate in 2014, and Senior Technician Certificate in 2019, and was honored with the Company's Quality Management Pacesetter, and was awarded the title of the First Wire and Cable in Zhejiang Province in 2021. In 2021 in zhejiang province, the first wire and cable manufacturing worker (inspector) vocational skills competition "wanma cup" power cable category finals in the third place good results, in 2022 in the "national cable detection cup" the fourth national wire and cable manufacturing worker (inspector) competition in the individual excellence award, the same year Awarded "Zhejiang Golden Blue Collar" and "Dushan Harbor Craftsman".


Learning and practicing hard to strengthen his skills


When he first entered Chenguang, Gu Jiahuang was assigned to work on the company's 90# extrusion machine, in the face of his own unfamiliar production equipment, he humbly asked the team leader and other colleagues to learn, observe and speculate, and always maintain a modest attitude of learning, so as to improve their own capabilities. After a period of study, he mastered the operation of the extruder and knew the precautions in the production process very well. In the national vocational skills test in 2007, he obtained the junior certificate, especially in the theory test, won the first place among the national candidates. With its outstanding performance, soon after the leadership selected to transfer to the crosslinking unit work, extrusion machine work experience so that he quickly learn the working principle of the crosslinking unit, steps, precautions, etc., as long as there is spare time to work, he is very active, active learning, study professional skills, in a relatively short period of time to master the basic capabilities of crosslinked cable production.


Courage to take on the heavy burden to show as


In 2008, Gu Jiahuang came to work in the quality inspection section, which is another great challenge for him, as a tester, you must master the professional testing theoretical knowledge, product performance indicators and testing methods, but also learn to find problems, find problems, can not let go of the product there is a hint of a problem, Gu Jiahuang to play his love of learning characteristics, pay more time than normal, constantly learning theoretical knowledge, enhance operational skills. Enhancement of operational skills. Before each test, he carefully understand the need to test the project, match the test method and technical testing standards, do a good job of testing the preparatory work beforehand; testing process, he seriously do quality supervision, found, analyze and correct problems in the inspection process, with the relevant personnel to do a good job of quality testing work; after the completion of the test, he was the first to feedback the results of the test, such as encountering the phenomenon of detection of unqualified, he timely feedback to the section chief or sub-factory problems. If he meets with unqualified phenomenon, he will feedback the problem to the section chief or the quality supervisor of the branch factory, and do a good job in improving the quality of the product tracking and re-inspection work until the product is qualified. In the special process of semi-product testing, he cooperates with the implementation of quality tracking inspection of the whole process to ensure that each process product quality indicators in line with process requirements, and summarize and analyze the results of the test, to facilitate the continuous improvement of product quality. After continuous honing, Gu Jiahuang has been able to skillfully operate the DC resistance test device, digital projector, electric oven, electronic tensile machine, smoke density test device, fire resistance test device and other test equipment, and with excellent theoretical and practical ability, he obtained the title of Engineer in 2013, Technician Certificate in 2014, and Senior Technician Certificate in 2019, respectively.


After the extruder, cross-linking machine, tester and other multi-position work honed, so that he has an overall understanding of the cable production process and product quality testing and a series of knowledge, in the familiarization of the process at the same time, he gradually improve their own knowledge of the production and test equipment, improve the ability to analyze the test data, to find out the root cause of the problematic data, which is conducive to the improvement of product quality improvement. In the company's conductor optimization, he plays a meticulous and serious attitude and professional technical ability to ensure that the test data is accurate and timely, for the company to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 16 years of time, Gu Jiahuang with his own words and deeds to quickly train themselves into an excellent Chenguang people.


Craftsmanship heritage to lead the team


Gu Jiahuang shine in the company's new product development, in the mineral cable and flat tube aluminum sheath research and development, give full play to their own specialties, for the new product testing project to figure out, for the new product development to provide a strong and accurate testing data, for the escort of the new product development, service to the success of the new product development. A flower alone is not spring, a hundred flowers bloom spring garden. Gu Jiahuang said: "Personal power is limited, only to let more colleagues to master the technology, training a highly skilled personnel, the pace of high-quality development of enterprises can continue to accelerate." Enterprises such as a high-speed train set, only all the power of the carriages at the same time to start, the whole train can run out of acceleration. As the company's old staff, he is committed to pass on, cultivate skilled personnel, and seriously help testers to pass on, to enhance their business skills. He through various forms of "passing on" to teach skills, for the company's skills training objectives, he actively involved in the teacher with apprentices, to the old with the new, to participate in skills competitions and technical competitions and other activities, service companies to train technical backbone, at present, he led the tester has a technician, senior worker 2, intermediate workers 4 people.


Sharpening forward to show ambition


2021 in the "Yongtong Cup" Zhejiang Province, the first wire and cable manufacturing workers (inspectors) Vocational Skills Competition preliminaries, Gu Jiahuang play his unique experience in crosslinked cable inspection and insights, unreservedly their own experience, teaching the rest of the contestants, serious guidance, teaching, in the preliminaries of the practical competition, all the competitors All the contestants successfully completed the competition and got the unanimous affirmation from the referee. This is the best interpretation of the exchange of skills between the players to promote the improvement. In the later competition finals, calm and collected, organized, correct answers to the details of the examination put forward by the referee, in the comments after the final, was highly affirmed, and ultimately won the second prize, and on behalf of Zhejiang Province, power cable group to participate in the "National Cable Inspection Cup" National Fourth Wire and Cable Manufacturing Worker (Inspector) National Finals, achieved a good result. Ninth place in 2022 was awarded the "Zhejiang Golden Blue Collar" and "Dushan Port Craftsman".


Gu Jiahuang knows that it is easy to learn a job, but it is not easy to do it well and creatively. In the future work, he said he would further develop his enthusiasm and creativity, make more efforts in the development of the service company, and work hard for the development of Chenguang business.

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