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School-enterprise cooperation is wide - Pinghu Institute of Technology organized teachers and students to visit the company




Release time:2022-10-13 14:15


In the morning and afternoon of October 12, Pinghu Institute of Technology organized more than 100 teachers and students of four classes of 2022 grade CNC, electrical and electromechanical majors to visit and study in our company. Han Qifang, provincial model worker, Zhejiang master craftsman and head of Technical Supervision Section, and Feng Gaoxi, head of Management Section, warmly received them.


On the third floor of He Yuanhui, Feng Gaoxi, on behalf of the company, expressed a warm welcome to the teachers and students who came to visit and study, and introduced an overview of the development of the enterprise, the development of strategic planning objectives, information technology construction, talent training characteristics, career development channels and talent training achievements, so that teachers and students have a certain understanding of the development history of Chenguang Cable, scientific and technological innovation achievements, talent team construction and the company's future development plan. At the meeting, Feng Gaoxi encouraged the students to see the importance that the state and local governments attach to vocational colleges and universities, to focus on learning, the key is to improve their own learning and practical skills, to clarify their career development direction, to make progress in learning, to grow in practice, and to improve themselves, so that they can better serve the society in the future, and to be a useful person to the society, to the family, and to the enterprise, and to realize the value of their lives. In the future, we should better serve the society, be useful to the society, family and enterprise, and realize the value of our own life, which won the applause of the students. Finally, he said that Chenguang Cable, as a listed company, according to the company's development strategic planning, has a large space for development, and urgently needs aspiring young people to come to work, and hopes that students will join Chenguang to create a better future.



Subsequently, Han Qifang led the students and teachers to visit the production site of the first branch plant, introduced the high-voltage, ultra-high-voltage crosslinked cable products and production processes, so that students have a close contact with the understanding of cable products. In the wire and cable manufacturing site, the students were full of curiosity about the production equipment, manufacturing process, MES system, testing instruments and so on: what equipment is this, what is this process, where is this product used... It aroused the students' high interest.



From the school classroom into the factory workshop, the students gained a lot, have said: I am very glad to participate in such activities, we learn during the visit, and work in the front line of the experts face to face exchanges and learning, broaden our horizons, to understand the advanced manufacturing and skills training and many other situations, said that we must cherish the time, study hard, and after graduation, to create a better future for themselves.


Chenguang Cable has taken the lead in carrying out school-enterprise cooperation in Pinghu City since 2006, and this new school-enterprise cooperation mode with Pinghu Institute of Technology will play an important role in the practical teaching and employment of the students. Through the integration of industry and education, school and enterprise hand in hand, the two sides will also explore the reform of the talent training mode, the reform of the teaching mode, and the training of school-enterprise talent, etc., and continue to improve the quality of talent training, and provide a better learning experience for the training of talents in Pinghu Institute of Technology. College talent training to provide better learning and practicing conditions.


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