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Chenguang Cable helps the cause of education development




Release time:2022-09-12 15:28


September 10, Pinghu City, held a grand theme of "to meet the party's twentieth, cultivate the roots of the soul and educate new people," the 38th Teacher's Day Celebration and Commendation Conference, at the meeting, the Pinghu City Education Foundation was formally unveiled and set up, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Pinghu City, Mr. Zhong Xudong, awarding a medal to the caring entrepreneurs, issued a letter of appreciation, Chenguang Cable Executive Vice President Wang Wei attended the meeting, and on behalf of the company donated 1 million yuan to the Foundation.



When education flourishes, talent flourishes, and when talent flourishes, development flourishes. The construction of a strong educational country is a basic project for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and it is necessary to give priority to education, accelerate the modernization of education, and provide a good education to the satisfaction of the people. Creating high-quality education is the ardent expectation of thousands of families, and it is also the meaning of realizing common prosperity. All along, Chenguang Cable as a local enterprise, is committed to bear social responsibility, has set up a welfare enterprise, recruiting welfare employees around the enterprise of more than 100 people, the current recruitment area has been radiated to other townships, enthusiastic donations of culture and education, to help develop the cause of education, and strive to participate in the five-water governance, beautiful countryside, and the village enterprises and other activities, was awarded the Provincial Charity Collective Award, become the most socially responsible enterprises in Jiaxing City, Zhu Shuliang won the "Best Enterprise" award, and Zhu Shuliang was awarded the "Best Enterprise" award. Zhu Shueliang was honored as the provincial excellent communist party member, the provincial entrepreneur who cares for and cares for workers, and the most socially responsible entrepreneur in Jiaxing City.



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