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Because of Love, So Wonderful --Company's Basketball Team Goes to the Fourth Basketball League of Dushan Port




Release time:2022-08-22 16:57


In order to enhance the communication between the employees, enrich the recreational life of the employees, give full play to the teamwork spirit of the employees, enhance the enterprise cohesion and pride among the employees, and promote the physical and mental health of the employees, the fourth basketball league of "With words Cup" was held in Huanggu Campus of Dushangang Middle School from August 15th to August 23rd with the theme of "Welcoming the twentieth congress, taking the road of affluence together". The fourth basketball tournament of the "With Words Cup" was held in Huanggu Campus of Dushan Harbor Middle School from August 15 to August 23, with the theme of "Welcoming the 20th Congress and Walking Together on the Road to Prosperity". Chenguang Cable responded positively and sent 12 players to participate in the game.


A total of 12 teams participated in this basketball league, which were formed by various administrative villages, organizations and enterprises. The whistle sounded, the event began, the players on the court to show their style, the two sides then carried out a fierce game, breakthrough, layups, fast breaks, steals, the usual training ground is this time the field, it's time to show the real technology! The players in the game are all handsome, with a robust pace and firm gaze, grab the ball! Defense! Attack! The action is as coherent as flowing water, all in one go. Players on the field of play is radiant, tacit cooperation, accurate breaks, fierce exchanges, every goal is the joint efforts of the whole team of players, every explosive moment is worth tasting, whistle and cheers resounded over the basketball court. This is a cohesion, unity and hard work of the game, the game out of the style, out of the level, out of the wonderful!




Game 2: Morning Glory Cable vs. Hoi Tong Village



Game 3: Longyearbyen Community vs. Morningstar Cable



In the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", the two sides played a courageous and courageous fighting spirit, fully demonstrated the new young people's positive and good mental outlook. The highlight of the game is that the players fully demonstrated the spirit of the game Chenguang Cable staff, in the field fully sweat, show self courage to fight the team spirit is worth all colleagues to learn.


After three fierce competition, Chenguang cable basketball league trip to a successful conclusion, through the basketball league, to the ball will be friends, to the race to pass the love, basketball as a carrier to establish friendship with the units, not only to enhance the cohesion of the team, but also to explore the cooperation between the units of the exchange of dialogue between the new ideas, new forms for the future to carry out a diverse range of activities to lay the foundation. At the same time, the staff of each unit of the competition as an opportunity to vigorously carry forward the courage to fight, defying the spirit of the future will also be more enthusiastic, more spirited, more pragmatic style, into their own high-quality development of enterprises, and work together for the development of the company to pay efforts. In the future, the company will continue to enrich the cultural and sports life of the staff for the purpose of promoting the physical and mental health of the staff from the perspective of more and better to organize colorful cultural and sports activities, enrich the company's corporate cultural activities, and promote the rapid development of Chenguang Cable.

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