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Chairman Mr. He Jian and his delegation visited Chenguang for a site visit.




Release time:2022-07-29 08:17


On the morning of July 26, Jiaxing City CPPCC members Pinghu Liaison Group held group activities around the theme of "focusing on the high-quality development of Pinghu's economy as a model for the rise of a new common wealth". Pinghu liaison group leader, Pinghu City CPPCC Chairman He Jian, deputy leader, Pinghu Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Wang Lanping and other members of the CPPCC in Pingjiaxing City to visit Chenguang investigation and guidance, general manager Zhu Shueliang, deputy general manager Wang Wei, management and operation center in charge of the Zhu Wenqing, Feng Gaoxi, head of the management department, accompanied by the research.


In the research process, Mr. Zhu accompanied members of the research group to visit the ground floor showroom, briefly introduced to the research group and his entourage of enterprise science and technology innovation, management innovation and cultural concept of innovation, accompanied by the research group and his entourage to visit the company's centralized control center, the centralized control center construction and put into operation by the performance of the performance of the situation briefly introduced.


Subsequently, accompanied by Mr. Zhu, the research group visited the production site of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage cross-linked cables, and Feng Gaoxi introduced the research and development of new products of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage smooth composite aluminum sheath cross-linked cables, and gave an introduction to the market technology promotion and sales performance of 110kV and 220kV flat tube composite aluminum sheath cross-linked cable series products.




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