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The Party committee of Chenguang Cable organized a series of activities for the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Party




Release time:2020-11-05 16:11


On the afternoon of July 4, during the celebration of the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Party throughout the country, the Party committee organized more than 50 party members to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the party, and Zhu Shuiliang, the Party secretary of the company, released 18 party members leading research projects in 2020, and made an understanding of the contents of the party building system of the company's party organization of "one goal, nine leads, eight commitments, and four ideas." During the meeting, the company's party committee also organized all party members to visit the Lu Jia Shu family ancestral hall located in Maokou, Xindai Town, Pinghu City. The meeting was chaired by Jin Zhigang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the company.

Before the meeting, all party members first came to Maokou, Xindai Town, Pinghu City, visited the last sage in Chinese history to enter the temple of Confucius, the famous neo-Confucianist and educator of the Qing Dynasty known for his integrity, Lu Jia Shu family ancestral Hall, was warmly received by Mr. Jin Weiqi, president of Pinghu Lu Jia Shu Research Institute, and introduced Lu Jia Shu's life story in detail to all party members. So that everyone received a profound education in clean government.

At the subsequent meeting, Zhu Shuiliang affirmed the party building brand of the company's party organization characterized by the development of key research projects led by party members, and the good results and social responses achieved, explained one by one the 18 key research projects led by party members that were collected and discussed in 2020, and focused on the company's party organization's "one goal, nine leads, eight commitments,". The content of the "Four ideas" Party building system is interpreted in detail, asking all party members to understand the content proposed in the "1984" system, hoping that everyone should base on their positions, consciously practice, continue to play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and make new and more contributions on the journey of serving the company to achieve the strategic goal of double hundred. On behalf of various party members, Han Qifang, head of the company's technical supervision section, summarized the situation of the Party members' research projects in 2019, and made a new statement on behalf of all party members, saying that in the new historical development period, we should continue to make new due contributions to the company's innovation and development, and strive for new breakthroughs in the party members' research projects in the New Year. Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party with greater research achievements.
(Feng Gaoxi)

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