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The company organizes and carries out vocational skill level assessment




Release time:2023-07-21 09:43


In order to promote the talent strong enterprise strategy, further improve the professional skill level of front-line employees, and expand the team of skilled talents, Morninglight Cable actively responds to the occupational cable Zheping word [2023] No. 001 "On the implementation of the 2023 year wire and cable industry specific occupational ability evaluation and declaration of the Notice" document requirements, According to the original cable industry vocational skills appraisal plan, on the basis of the completion of the theoretical examination in the early stage, the mechanical industry vocational skills appraisal cable Zhejiang station organized 6 evaluators to come to the company to participate in the examination of 14 senior workers, 12 intermediate workers, 11 junior workers.


This vocational skill level identification is mainly to assess the operating skills, divided into primary, intermediate, senior three skill levels, to participate in the assessment of cross-linked workers, extruder, package worker, stranding worker, drawing worker, metal sheathing worker and inspection worker 7 types of work. Prior to this, in order to better organize workers to participate in the cable industry professional skills appraisal, under the company's chairman and general manager Zhu Shuiliang's care and guidance, through the organization and leadership and publicity, there are 40 eligible workers have signed up to participate in the assessment, and finally the company screened, determined 37 workers to participate in the assessment.


The company attaches great importance to the vocational skills appraisal, in order to effectively do the identification work, the company's management and operation center human resources Department takes the lead, organizes and arranges the company's highly skilled personnel training courses in advance, and carries out specific, targeted and systematic training for employees applying for the examination according to the vocational skills requirements, in the "trinity" way of pre-examination training, theoretical examination and practical examination. Fully improve the degree of attention and skill level of applicants. At the same time, all departments also actively cooperate with the layout of the examination room, the organization of publicity and other work, and organize the internal invigilator to carefully study the invigilator code and examination rules, and strictly control every order and every detail.


The identification test is a practical measure to practice the company's "talent strong enterprise" concept, and the identification of employees' professional skill level is not only an effective proof of employees' professional skills improvement and future promotion and growth, but also the embodiment of Morninglight Cable's active practice of "employee-centered", smooth talent development channel and the expansion of skilled talent team. It has effectively improved the professional quality of employees and the company's comprehensive strength. The employees who participated in the exam said that "such a grade exam is too good", which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of everyone to learn technology and drill skills, created a good atmosphere of "learning to catch up and help super", and provided protection for the company to further improve product quality and ensure the high-quality development of the company.


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