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A letter to all investors




Release time:2023-07-12 11:03


Dear investors,


Time does not live, the season such as flow! Today marks the company's first anniversary as a public company, and on behalf of the company, I would like to thank our investors for their support along the way. But the real new, stable and far, nearly 40 years of trials and hardships, Chenguang cable has developed into the cable industry 100 enterprises, national grid system and key engineering cable quality suppliers, won the Zhejiang Province "invisible champion" enterprise, Zhejiang Province "specialized new" enterprise title.


On July 12, 2022, with the listing bell, the company set foot on the capital development platform, we continue to focus on providing power cable product design, manufacturing, sales and service, at the same time, with the help of capital, we consolidate the internal strength, quickly promote the "smart morning light, intelligent interconnection" digital transformation, the implementation of mineral insulated cable investment project, Decision layout of new energy and engineering channel cable market, and further enhance the company's comprehensive competition in science and technology and management.


Over the past year, despite the dual pressures of the economy and the epidemic, we have always firmly believed in the resilience of China's economic development, the cycle of the market, and the determination of people living in the sun in the morning. In 2022, the epidemic hit the whole country, but we steadfastly resisted the pressure of performance. In 2023, with the opening of the epidemic and the recovery of the economy, the company's operating performance also showed a good development trend. In the first quarter, the company achieved revenue of 441 million yuan, an increase of 44.31%, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was 25.5349 million yuan, an increase of 486.08%. Cable market, whether in the traditional power construction, or new infrastructure, is always at the trillion level, we adhere to high quality, new technology to drive market development, I believe that quality products and services, will bring greater value to customers, with the support of customers, will realize the company's higher value.


In the past year, "technology-driven development" has always run through our business policy, customer demand and market oriented, we closely around the breakthrough of key core technology and jam neck problems, in-depth implementation of technological innovation strategy, following the company's first successful research and development of 110kV smooth aluminum sleeve cable, We have successfully developed 220kV, 330kV, 500kV composite smooth aluminum sleeve series high voltage cable products. We joined hands with Wuhan University to establish the "Morning Light smart Cable Joint" laboratory, in-depth scientific research on new energy, new materials and new technologies, and reserve technology for the company's future take-off.


The development of the company cannot be separated from the support of all sectors of society, we hope to better return to the society, the company since its establishment, brave social responsibility, create a platform for employees, create returns for shareholders, create value for customers, create wealth for the society, provide help for ecological environmental protection. In addition, we actively participate in charity, donations to charities, educational public welfare funds and other related public welfare organizations, have been affirmed and praised by all parties, and won the title of "Green low-carbon factory", "charity enterprise", "Social assistance Party building Alliance member unit" and other honors.


Finally, on the first anniversary of the listing, we would like to say to the majority of investors, the company's board of directors and management are full of confidence in the future development of the cable, listing is not the end, but a new starting point, thank you again for the support and trust of investors, we will not forget the original heart, strive to bring long-term higher value returns for shareholders and society!


Wish you all the best!

Chairman Zhu Shuiliang

July 12, 2023

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