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Good news! The Party committee of Chenguang Cable won the honorary title of "Advanced grass-roots Party Organization"




Release time:2023-07-01 16:26


On the afternoon of June 29, the CPC Pinghu Dushan Port Town Committee organized a conference to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the Secretary Forum of "Head Yan Leading the way", and the Party committee of Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. was honored as the honorary title of "Advanced grass-roots Party organization".


 It provides a strong organizational and ideological guarantee for promoting the high-quality development of the company and catching up with the various work.


In the past year, the company's party committee closely focused on the work of the production and operation center of the enterprise, carried out the work of "Party members leading key projects", "workshop commissar", "co-rich workshop", and other work, and the Party organization played a leading role in promoting enterprise innovation management. The Party Committee of the company organized party members to actively participate in the creation of the "three first project" in the "fight against the epidemic, promote development, and be the pioneer", combined the implementation of the "three first project" of party members with the workshop political committee, implemented and achieved results, mainly carried out the following work:


First, focus on "competing for positions" to help enterprises fight the epidemic and resume production. According to the nature of different positions, guide party members to establish 54 vanguard party members and 16 vanguard team members through "shining identity, shining responsibilities, shining commitments, comparing performance, comparing style, and comparing service", requiring all Party members to compete based on their own duties, combined with departmental functions, and create value for enterprises in the work of party members leading key projects, mentoring, and combating the new coronavirus epidemic. Organize party members to join the anti-epidemic front line, organize 5 volunteer team of Party members to carry out staff travel monitoring, temperature monitoring, mobile publicity, disinfection and sterilization, etc., assume the responsibility and mission of Party members and cadres when the epidemic broke out in Pinghu March 13 and Dushan Port this year, build a strong fortress against the COVID-19 epidemic, and ensure the timely resumption of work and production during the epidemic period. Helping businesses thrive in the midst of the pandemic.


The second is to establish the workshop political commissar mechanism to encourage the workshop political commissar to give full play to the role of political guidance, taking the lead in tackling difficult problems, and uniting workers. The Party committee of the company employs 6 "workshop political commissars" among the cadres of first-line party members in the production of 6 branch workshops as a unit to achieve full coverage of first-line workshops. Open up the "20 spirit, workshop political commissars read every day" column, "workshop political commissars" use the workshop morning shift meeting, lunch break meeting, etc., to take the lead in carrying forward the positive spirit and learning the 20 spirit; The workshop political committee plays a leading and exemplary role in the "three first projects" of party members deployed by the company's Party committee and the key projects led by party members. At present, among the 16 Party members leading the key projects implemented by the enterprise, there are 4 projects led by the "workshop political commissar" or as the executive team leader. The "workshop political commissar" Sheng Xueliang led the staff of the branch to successfully develop the 110kV seamless smooth aluminum sleeve power cable to achieve large length mass production, which was used in Jiaxing Shanying Paper Industry; With the advantage of "coming from the masses and going to the masses", the workshop political committee actively sets up the bridge between enterprises and workers, does a good job of the "old uncle" of workers' conflict mediation, promotes the harmony between workers and society, and the beauty and family, and the harmony with colleagues, and the company is rated as a harmonious labor relations enterprise in Zhejiang Province. During the epidemic, the "workshop commissar" of each branch factory is willing to contribute, take into account the overall situation, create value, and work for the people, and do a good job of staff ideological work at the first time, track the health dynamics of employees, and ensure the resumption of work and production.


The third is to establish a common rich workshop to help common prosperity. The company set up six workshops for the total rich workshop, covering an area of more than 6000 square meters, the existing staff of 35, including 6 welfare personnel, mainly arranged in the wire drawing, circle and other jobs. The workshop introduced Finland series insulated wire production line, specializing in the production of electrical equipment cables, mineral cables and cloth wires and other series of products, products into the Qianjiang New City, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Jiashao Bridge and other key projects, as of October 2022, the production value of nearly 54 million yuan. The workshop has been rated as the top ten beautiful workshops in Pinghu City. Through targeted recruitment, we help low-income groups increase their income, and the average monthly income of employees is more than 4,000 yuan.


The honor is the recognition and affirmation of the Party Committee of the Dushan Port Economic Development Zone for the Party building work of the company. 


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