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Report performance add power to do not idle new article Morninglight cable held the annual outstanding talent work report meeting




Release time:2023-06-27 08:56


On the afternoon of June 24, in order to comprehensively summarize the work achievements of 2022, further consolidate responsibilities, focus on problems, summarize achievements, make unremitting efforts, constantly improve the company's excellent talent performance awareness and performance ability, and actively do the 2023 annual work plan, the company organized an annual excellent talent work report meeting in the Excellence Hall of the Pinghu General Chamber of Commerce Building. A total of 31 members of the board of directors and the leadership team and the reporting staff attended the meeting, which was presided over by Zhu Weirong of the market development Center.


The meeting was held in four stages. In the first stage, Zhu Weiyi, secretary of the Board of Directors, made a report on the Training of Outstanding Talents. In her report, she pointed out: Talent is the first resource of the enterprise. Since the company first proposed the establishment of the excellent talent training system in 2018, it attaches great importance to the training and exercise of the young backbone of Chenguang. The development and growth of the enterprise cannot be separated from the support of the strong core engine of excellent talent. At the meeting, she put forward three ardent hopes for outstanding talents: first, to establish confidence, in their respective positions, the responsibilities and objectives of the sorting out; Secondly, the management should think more about how to achieve the company's strategic goals and actively exert their own value; Finally, I hope that outstanding talents will divide their own one acre and three points in their respective positions, and do their best to complete it, have specialized research, and drive better and faster development of enterprises.


In the second stage, members of the Personnel Section on behalf of the company made the "2023 Morning Light Cable Outstanding Talent Plan", which reported the implementation of the outstanding talent project from four aspects of the establishment of the outstanding talent plan, the review of the outstanding talent achievements, the requirements of 2023 and the construction activities of the outstanding talent group, and expressed their thoughts and experiences on the implementation of the outstanding talent training project. It expresses the expectation for the construction of the excellent talent training system.


In the third stage, each outstanding talent took the stage successively, and comprehensively, objectively and deeply compared the work objectives of the beginning of the year by giving examples, listing data, PPT presentation and other means, profoundly summarized the completion of the work in 2022, analyzed their own problems and shortcomings, and elaborated the work ideas, goals and tasks in 2023, and key work.


At the end of the meeting, Zhu Shuiliang, chairman and general manager of the company, delivered an important speech, he said: After listening to everyone's report, I feel very pleased, that everyone is very careful, serious attitude, and fully affirmed everyone's work. Enterprises want to continue high-quality development, must put talent in a key position, since the company's successful listing, the company has entered a fast track of development, but also for outstanding talents to provide greater development opportunities, create favorable conditions. Enterprises want to achieve ambitious vision goals, rely on our generation after generation of cadres and employees to work hard, which requires outstanding talents to actively play an exemplary role, in the process of enterprise development, strive to be a pioneer, strive to be an example. Finally, Zhu put forward five requirements for outstanding talents:


First, we must "identify" and "stand right" political position, have good ideological and moral character, and closely combine personal growth with national development, enterprise development, and departmental development, strengthen and do good enterprises, and continue to create value.


Second, we should be good at self-study, constantly learn advanced knowledge, technology and management in the work, timely discover and solve their own problems, have the courage to correct mistakes, and constantly improve their ability to create greater value for the enterprise; Self-reliance, cultivate the ability to think and work independently, constantly find and solve problems, constantly coordinate all parties and integrate resources; Self-improvement, no matter what difficulties we encounter, we must have determination, confidence, strengthen our will, and strengthen our heart.


Third, strive for first-class work performance and carry forward the enterprising spirit of hard work and progress. Nothing in the world is difficult, as long as you are willing to climb, to continue to progress in the work, actively benchmark with the industry, benchmark with the outstanding personnel of the enterprise, and continue to improve their competitiveness.


Fourth, we must build compound talents and exercise multiple positions to help rapid growth. Only in different positions to practice, experience, accumulate different work experience, understand the functions and responsibilities of different positions, enrich different work experience, in order to help the overall growth.


Fifth, we must be pragmatic, take the initiative, and constantly enhance their ability to organize work and coordination. If the organization is strong, the action will be effective, the effect will be powerful, and the development of the enterprise will have support.


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