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Pinghu City social and economic office veteran cadres line to morning light cable research




Release time:2023-06-02 10:52


On the morning of May 31, the veteran cadres of Pinghu Social and Economic Office came to Dushan Port to carry out research activities with the theme of "Building a new pro-Qing relationship between government and business, promoting high-quality development of private economy". As one of the excellent private enterprises in Dushan Port, Chenguang Cable received active attention from the veteran cadres of the Social and Economic Office. The activity by Dushan Port Economic Development Zone (Dushan Port town) leaders Zhuang Zhihao, Lu Ting, Xiao Feifei accompanied, Chenguang cable chairman and general manager Zhu Shuiliang, executive deputy General manager Wang Wei, technical supervision section chief Han Qifang received.


Accompanied by Zhu, the veteran cadres of the Social and Economic Office visited the construction of mineral insulated cable projects with an annual output of 5250 kilometers, and Zhu pointed out that: As the first investment project of the company listed, the mineral insulated cable project is also a major measure for the company to realize the transformation and upgrading of science and technology enterprises, and it is a new milestone in the development process of Chenguang cable. I hope that the veteran cadres will continue to support and care about the future development of Chenguang cable.


Subsequently, accompanied by Han Qifang, the veteran cadres of the Social Economic Room went into the production site of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage cross-linked cables in a branch factory. Han Qifang introduced the research and development of new high-voltage ultra-high-voltage smooth composite aluminum sheathing cross-linked cables and its production process. The market technology promotion and sales performance of 110kV, 220kV flat tube composite aluminum sheathed cross-linked cable series are introduced.


After viewing and listening to reports on the spot, the veteran cadres fully affirmed the new achievements and breakthroughs made by Chenguang Cable in the development process, and hoped that Chenguang Cable would continue to maintain a good development trend, continue to make efforts in optimizing the business environment, and use practical actions to help the healthy development and high-quality development of the private economy of Dushan Port.


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