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Jinping Lake Craftsmen Month 丨 Craftsmanship Leads the Way - Striving to be the First "Dagang Craftsmen" Brand Launch!




Release time:2023-06-02 10:49


In the afternoon of May 29th, in order to vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, practice the "four dares to strive for the first", and continue to play the role of model workers and craftsmen as advanced demonstrators and leaders. Dushan Harbor Town "Dagang craftsmen" brand release and "craftsmanship navigation - oar and strive to be the first" Zheshanghu craftsmen theme forum activities were held ceremoniously. Lu Ting, deputy secretary of Dushanggang Economic Development Zone CPC Working Committee and chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, Yu Yifeng, member of the Party group of Pinghu City Federation of Trade Unions and minister of the Rights and Interests Protection Department, Han Qifang, deputy to the National People's Congress and head of the company's Technical Supervision Section, Yang Shidong, winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal and head of the Quality Inspection Section, and other leaders, model craftsmen and related enterprises attended the event.


Before the meeting, Zhejiang and Shanghai craftsmen and employee representatives have visited the Chenguang Cable Company workshop, led by Han Qifang, the participants visited the high-voltage ultra-high-voltage crosslinked cable production process, through the product of Chenguang Cable's product production process, technology highlights and scientific and technological innovation and other intuitive understanding and understanding, and on the cultivation of skilled personnel and the exchange of topics and sharing.


In order to further deepen the artisan cultivation project, give full play to the role of model craftsmen and various types of highly skilled personnel demonstration, and accelerate the construction of a knowledge-based, skill-based, innovative industrial workforce. The ceremony of "Master Teacher and Apprentice - Inheritance of Craftsmanship" was held on the site, in which Liu Hei, Zhou Jiawei and Ke Minchao handed over the invitation of apprenticeship to their masters Yang Shidong, Wang Qinliang and Gu Jiahuang respectively.


The next step, Chenguang Cable will continue to respond to the Dushan Harbor Town Federation of Trade Unions model workers and craftsmen advanced demonstration and leading work, and further promote the reform of the construction of industrial workforce in the new era, at the same time, the company will also do a good job of "masters with apprentices - craftsmanship inheritance" work, to further deepen the cultivation of craftsmen project, help to play Dushan Harbor Town, "Dagang Craftsmen". "Dagang Craftsman" brand.


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