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The company title sponsors the tenth Jiaxing City Games basketball competition program




Release time:2023-06-02 08:23


The first competition of the Tenth Jiaxing Games (Adult Division) - Basketball Match came to a successful end in the afternoon of May 30th, Zhu Huiming, Director of Secretariat of Jiaxing Municipal Sports Federation, Zhang Jun, Deputy Director of Pinghu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports, and Wang Wei, Executive Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Company Limited, presented the awards to the winning teams.


"Chenguang Cable Cup" by Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. title sponsorship, during the event, the company actively join hands with the government to participate in the Ten Games, in order to actively set up the field of the game, Chenguang Cable sent a number of staff team in advance to participate in the scene of the layout, and actively create a youthful and energetic atmosphere, for the smooth development of the Ten Games Contribute to the smooth running of the Ten Games.


Strive to be the first to refine the spirit of sportsmanship. Chenguang Cable will take the organization of the Ten Games as an opportunity to promote the Chenguang brand and actively display the corporate image. In the future, Chenguang Cable will also actively build a competitive sports platform, cohesion of the industry, enhance communication and cooperation, and promote physical and mental health.


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