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Walking with the same core, gathering strength to win together - Chenguang Cable 2023 Excellent Talent Quality Development Activity




Release time:2023-05-31 08:42


In early summer, the grass is luxuriant, in this energetic May, in order to further enhance the enthusiasm and cohesion of Chenguang Cable's young workers, and to show the good image of Chenguang Cable's workers who are positive and striving to make progress, the company has decided to implement the third phase of the Excellent Talent Cultivation Program, to promote the cultivation of Chenguang's elite team, and to give the staff a broad stage to display their talents, so as to create more innovative talents with the spirit of "Chenguang Craftsman" and to promote the high quality of development of the company. To provide a broad stage for employees to display their talents, to create more high-level innovative talents with the spirit of "Chenguang Craftsman", and to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.


Seeking a mountainous secret place, looking for a party of natural beauty, this group building activities are located in Zhejiang - Tonglu. The first station came to the Dachishan Forest Park, the mountains are beautiful, green trees, all leisurely and vitality, the mountains emanate a fresh breath, close your eyes and take a big breath, as if harvesting endless energy, bamboo sea, waterfalls, suspension bridges, crags, clear mountaintop pools, worthy of the "small Jiuzhai"! While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, everyone did not forget to stop and take photos to enhance each other's emotions.


When food meets music, there will be a different spark. At night, the evening breeze, with the barbecue, beer brought comfort and pleasure, the staff sat around a group, talk about the world, sing to their heart's content, leisure and comfort. Through a small group building game, not only let the staff relax physically and mentally, but also let the staff become more familiar with each other, and enhance the communication and exchange between colleagues.


After a night's rest, the fatigue of the journey had disappeared without a trace, accompanied by the sunshine in the morning set off to open the OMG heartbeat paradise tour. Tongtian River Cruise, Sky Horse, Lingyun Ladder, Sky Road Flying Car, Lingyun Drift ...... employees in the park High over the sky, up to the sky and into the ground to experience the ultimate sense of heartbeat, in the play project, we stretch the body, relax, energetic, youthful.


The quality development activities in the cultivation of outstanding talent comprehensive quality, increase team cohesion, regulate the pressure of work and life, to create a dare to be first, indomitable, courageous and progressive work atmosphere, in order to promote the company's high-quality development, optimize the management of the company, towards the "Double Hundred Enterprises" and move forward bravely.


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