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Young Entrepreneurs from Zhangjiagang Hi-tech Zone Visited the Company




Release time:2023-05-29 10:39


On the morning of May 20, in order to build a platform for young entrepreneurs to communicate and interact with each other, promote the sharing of information resources, achieve complementary advantages, and promote the high-quality development of the economy, Zhangjiagang Hi-tech Zone Youth League Committee organized more than 20 young entrepreneurs to visit Chenguang Cable to carry out the "Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Dongdu Innovation Young Leaders Jiaxing Line" activities. Wang Wei, executive vice president of the company, Han Qifang, deputy to the National People's Congress and head of the company's technical supervision section, and Zhu Weirong, director of the marketing department, participated in this activity.


Accompanied by Han Qifang, the young entrepreneurs from Zhangjiagang Hi-tech Zone visited the company's exhibition hall, where Han Qifang introduced to the young entrepreneurs the overview of the company's development, the management innovation project, scientific and technological innovation, and the achievements of talent cultivation. Subsequently, the young entrepreneurs visited the company's centralized control center together, Yuan Hong made an introduction to the construction and operation of the centralized control center, and gave a detailed introduction to the company's construction and operation in the integration of dual-use and manufacturing + Internet projects in recent years, as well as the effect achieved by the digital construction.


Subsequently, accompanied by Mr. Wang, the young entrepreneurs went deep into the production site of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage crosslinked cables in the first branch plant. Han Qifang introduced the research and development of new high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage smooth composite aluminum sheathed crosslinked cables and their production process, and made an introduction of the market technology promotion and sales performance of 110kV and 220kV flat tube composite aluminum sheathed crosslinked cable series products.


The new concepts, methods and ideas gained from this visit and exchange will bring important enlightenment to young entrepreneurs in both places. In the future, Chenguang Cable hopes to strengthen communication with young entrepreneurs in Zhangjiagang Hi-tech Zone, seek cooperation and development, learn from each other's useful experience, complement each other's strengths, share resources, and ultimately realize common progress, common development, and strive to promote the economic construction and social development of the two places and shine.


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