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Chenguang Cable Jiaxing Experience Store Grand Opening




Release time:2023-05-29 10:37


On the morning of May 24, Chenguang Cable Jiaxing Experience Store held a grand opening ceremony to further increase the sales layout of wire and cable products in Jiaxing area. Chairman and general manager Zhu Shueliang, executive vice president and vice president of the market development center Wang Wei, vice president of the marketing and operations center Lu Guojie, Jiaxing regional head Pan Dongxiao, Jiaxing Yajia complete sets of electrical equipment, Jiaxing Hongdong Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Company Limited, Shanghai Qifan (Jiaxing Xinjun Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.), Honghe Pipeline, Jiangnan Cable, Jinniu Tube, People's Electrical Appliances, Chenggong Ruiteng Hardware, Golden Sun Cable Ltd. (Huaqiang), Chint Electrical Appliances, Liansheng Hardware, Zhongze Cable, Jiaxing Dashang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd, Xiangyuan Hardware, Lianshu Pipeline, Dingwang Plastic Industry and other representatives attended the opening ceremony.


At the opening ceremony, Wang Wei, on behalf of Chenguang Cable, made a speech, welcoming the guests and expressing his heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and guests present. Mr. Wang said that Jiaxing Experience Store, as the first experience store of Chenguang Cable out of Pinghu for the Jiaxing market, the company will give the greatest attention and support. The company will create a relaxed environment for the development of Jiaxing experience store, provide quality services, while always adhering to: "customer first, integrity-based, complete varieties, affordable prices, excellent quality, fastest delivery, first-class service, creating value for customers" service purpose, wholeheartedly serve the dealers and partners in Jiaxing region. I believe that the majority of dealers and partners in the support and help, Jiaxing experience store will be rapid development and growth. I hope that Jiaxing experience store face to higher development goals, build a healthy development system, to realize a new round of extraordinary, leapfrog development to make new and greater contributions.


Accompanied by the scene of the salute, ceremonial flowers bloomed, Mr. Zhu officially announced: Chenguang Cable Jiaxing experience store officially opened! The leaders present together cut the ribbon, the opening ceremony was a success. Subsequently, the site leaders and guests visited the layout of the store, and introduced to everyone the relevant products of Chenguang Cable, Olympic quality wire quality, professional and quality after-sales service, access to everyone's unanimous praise.


The official operation of Chenguang Cable Jiaxing Experience Store is the crystallization of Chenguang Cable's brand value transfer, and an important step in the development of Chenguang Cable's chain of products across the development. In the future, Chenguang Cable will always adhere to the mission of "providing high-quality power products and perfect solutions for China's economic takeoff", and provide a new world for the development of Chenguang Cable!





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