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Health clinic into the enterprise expert door-to-door delivery of health




Release time:2023-05-20 07:51


In the afternoon of May 18, Pinghu First People's Hospital health clinic team went into Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd. to carry out physical examination report related indicators interpretation, medical knowledge and health popularization, common diseases, chronic diseases, such as consulting and other clinic activities for the enterprise workers to popularize health knowledge, accept health advice, by the majority of the staff's welcome and praise.


At the activity site, experts from the hospital's departments of gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, endocrinology, pentacameral medicine, vascular surgery, pain, cardiovascular medicine, nephrology, blood transfusion, health care, medical oncology, occupational diseases, etc. were put into work right away after a brief preparation. Employees lined up in an orderly manner with their medical reports and went to the relevant professional experts for health consultation according to their personal health conditions. The experts carefully examined the body for the workers while patiently and carefully analyzing their conditions, giving specific treatment, reasonable medication and body conditioning advice, and distributing health promotion materials, preaching relevant disease prevention knowledge, popularizing the prevention and treatment knowledge of common diseases and frequent diseases. Doctors carefully and patiently explain the service, won the workers unanimous praise.


The clinic activities, the First People's Hospital of Pinghu City will be high-quality, efficient and convenient medical services to the workers, enhance the health awareness of the workers, improve health literacy, the masses of disease prevention and health protection work in practice, help the healthy development of enterprises, and contribute to the economic and social development of Pinghu.


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