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Good for Good for Long Time | Chenguang Cable Won Top 50 of "2023 Top 100 Most Competitive Enterprises in China's Cable Industry"

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Release time: 2023-09-12 09:54:10.036


On September 3, the 2023 China Wire and Cable Industry Conference was held in Shanghai. The theme of this conference is "strong chain, seeking the development of intelligence", bringing together all the big players, focusing on the present and seeking the future together! At the meeting, the results of the evaluation of the most competitive enterprises in China's wire and cable industry in 2023 were released. With its steady operation over the years, Chenguang Cable was awarded the 38th place of "the most competitive enterprise in China's wire and cable industry in 2023.


The evaluation of the most competitive enterprises in China's cable industry began in 2014. This year is the tenth year of the evaluation work. So far, Chenguang Cable is also following the trajectory of China's cable industry. Through the continuous monitoring of the competitiveness of cable companies, the most competitive list helps cable companies understand the current operating status of the industry and predict future development trends, providing guidance and practical value for the sustainable development of enterprises. The General Assembly through nine hard indicators and five soft indicators of China's wire and cable enterprises to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, objectively reflect the strength of the development of enterprises, the future strategy of the enterprise has a guiding significance, help the industry to establish a more healthy competitive environment.


Over the years, Chenguang Cable has focused on providing product design, manufacturing, sales and service of power cables. It has a stable market share in the domestic market and realizes the steady and healthy development of the company. The company succeeded in July 2022.LandingNorth Stock Exchange. In recent years, in the face of a brand-new development environment, while further strengthening scientific and technological innovation, the company has stepped up the introduction and training of talents, created a highland for talent training, expanded the team of marketing, technology, management and technicians, and ensured the demand for human resources for enterprise innovation and development. Promote continuous innovation in management, further consolidate internal skills, and successively implement ERP, MES, OA, provincial enterprise-level industrial internet, SAP "smart morning light, intelligent interconnection" and other digital transformation projects, to build intelligent factories, the implementation of mineral insulated cable fund-raising projects, decision-making layout of new energy and engineering channel cable market, to further enhance the company's technology and management and other comprehensive competitiveness. At the same time, it actively implements the business policy of "science and technology-driven development", takes customer demand and market as the guide, closely focuses on breaking through key core technologies and neck-sticking problems, and deeply implements the technological innovation strategy. After the company's first successful research and development of 110kV smooth aluminum sheath cable, it has successively developed 220kV, 330kV and 500kV composite smooth aluminum sheath series high-voltage cable products, obtained many patents, and promoted the market application of new products, achieve good marketing performance, to achieve the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


The award of the top 38 most competitive enterprises in China's cable industry is not only the industry's recognition of the comprehensive competitiveness of Chenguang cable, but also provides a benchmark and example for the company's development. In the future, Chenguang Cable will focus on promoting the company's quality brand, strengthening technological innovation, consolidating basic management, improving the level of refinement, and continuously and steadily enhancing the company's core competitiveness. At the same time, it will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of "being new and constant". The core values of Chenguang Cable continue to move forward courageously in the wave of the new era.